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Poland's Spectrum Filaments Preps Their 3D Printing Materials for International Release

Poland is well known in the 3D printing world for manufacturing several recognizable 3D printers, like those from Zortrax, ZMorph, 3DGence, and the GAIA Multitool, which is running a Kickstarter campaign at the moment. There are also several 3D printing filaments manufacturers, but, to this day, none of them has pierced international markets. However, that may soon change, thanks to Spectrum Filaments – a company that makes great materials for FDM 3D printers, using professional industrial machines with high-quality pellets.

Poland's Specturm 3D printing filaments

Spectrum Filaments was only brought to life recently, but they have already gained a good deal of attention in Poland, thanks to a broad color palette and the great quality of their products. The company is made up of an experienced group of people originating from other industries that intend to transfer their knowledge and skills into a new product segment.

Spectrum 3D printed PLA filament

The 3D printing feedstock that Spectrum Filaments offers are produced in one of the biggest specialized plastic manufacturing factories in the country. Initially, their portfolio included the most popular 3D printing materials, ABS and PLA, but the company is expanding its catalog with series of new filaments. Two new materials include a very flexible, rubber-like filament, followed by transparent PET, Ultra PET, HIPS-X, and ABS Special. Each of the products is hermetically sealed in characteristic color packaging equipped with complete usage instructions.

Spectrum 3D printing Filaments 01

Spectrum offers filaments in vibrant colors, from lemon yellow to pink cyclamic, transparent materials, and also filaments in metallic shades, including gold, silver, and bronze. In addition, for commercial customers, the company offers the option to create any color of the RAL palette, custom-made according to a customer’s specific needs.

Spectrum 3D printing Filaments

What’s interesting is that the filaments suit the Zortrax M200 3D printer very well, which use their own, dedicated materials. Spectrum’s materials are a great replacement for these proprietary filaments – not only because of the quality, but also because of the price.

Spectrum 3D printed ABS

All filaments Spectrum are available in two variants diameter: 1.75 and 2.90 mm and are sold on transparent roll that weigh 0.85 kg. One reel of material costs just PLN 95 (ca. € 22,90). The company plans to hit international markets – especially in Germany and Austria, where it has great connections due to Spectrum’s related businesses. Other European markets that the company is looking into include the UK, Italy, Sweden, France, Russia and the Netherlands.  To become a reseller for the company, visit their site here and email [email protected].

Editor’s Update 8/27/2015: Though Pawel suggests the use of Spectrum filaments with Zortrax 3D printers, Zotrax does not.  A Zortrax representative has said, We would like to emphasise, however, that the only recommended materials for Zortrax M200 printers are those manufactured by Zortrax. The use of materials other than those offered by our company may cause damage to the printer and void the warranty. Zortrax has developed a complete 3D printing environment which includes printers, the Z-Suite application, and Zortrax printing materials. Only the combination of these three elements can ensure the high precision output and reliability which characterize Zortrax printers.”