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Phantom Geometry AM Process

Liz and Kyle von Hasseln from the Southern California Institute of Architecture have been working with Additive Manufacturing (AM) and developing a process based on DLP. The project, which was developed for their master thesis, was awarded the inaugural Gehry Price earlier last month.

Gehry Prize Phantom Geometry

The process is similar to existing AM resin processes in that it uses UV light from a modified DLP projector however, where it is pushing new limits is with the refinement of the system with a focus on streaming information to generate material volume. The Phantom Geometry process is designed to continuously and selectively cure the resin within a specially developed shallow vat.  As the cured resin forms a part it is pulled away from the vat, which automatically refills for subsequent layers.

This AM process demands consistent, native real-time feed-back and feed-forward mechanisms to achieve consistent output, however where consistency is not a pre-requisite the data can be transformed or modified at any time — on the fly — with the physical geometry reflecting these modifications.

Have a look at the video:

Source: Wired