Perstorp AB creates 3D printer materials venture with 3D4Makers

Perstorp AB, a world leading specialty chemicals company, and 3D printing filament producer 3D4Makers have joined forces to create Netherlands based company ‘ElogioAM’ a new material production venture.

Combining the knowledge of chemicals and polymers, ElogioAM is introducing Facilan, a strong and compostable filament for FDM/FFF 3D printing. 

Stamping out common 3D printing issues

User reported issues detail problems with layer adhesion, warping, surface quality and misprints which limits printability of existing filaments. Perstorp AB and 3D4Makers designed Facilan fit-for-purpose filaments to remedy such issues through a wide range of medical and manufacturing products. The companies collaborated as a result of their shared ambition to create a new generation of materials for the 3D printing industry.

“It is all about chemistry and engineering at their best, and for satisfying today’s demand for more reliable FDM [Fused Deposition Modeling] 3D printing quality,” said David James, Vice President of Perstorp AB.

Comprised of three materials, the Facilan filaments are compostable bioplastic FDM grades that have a higher impact and tensile strength when compared to ABS filaments. Additionally, Facilan parts offer a smoother texture as opposed to PLA and ABS parts.

Fifth-generation 3D filaments from Facilan. Photo via Plastics Insight.

Expanding applications

ElogioAM aims to improve Additive Manufacturing capabilities through their products in various industries and consumer markets such as medical, fashion, orthotics, advanced prototyping, and modeling.

Jan-Peter Wille, Co-Founder of 3D4Makers states, “We’re very proud to be working together with Perstorp, their specialty chemicals, additives and polymer knowledge has really made materials in 3D printing possible that we could only dream of.”

3D4Makers previously developed a stronger filament without the use of water that is now less prone to break or crack.

Facilan C8 filament. Photo via 3D4Makers.
Facilan C8 filament. Photo via 3D4Makers.

“Better tolerance materials and higher performance parts is what really will put 3D printing on the factory floor and in most cutting-edge applications. Perstorp is quick, flexible and innovative; giving us a partner cable of innovating continuously in the dynamic 3D printing market. ElogioAm is a very exciting development for us and we would like to thank our partners for their trust, ” Wille adds.

Researchers are currently developing a pure polycaprolactone filament, Facilan PCL 100, to be used in artificial muscles, drug-loaded implants, scaffolds and smart materials.

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Featured image shows fifth-generation 3D filaments from Facilan. Photo via 3D4Makers.