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PEEK exoskeleton 3D printed by INTAMSYS for recovery and protection

INTAMSYS is a Shanghai-based producer of 3D printers and PEEK materials. China’s Sichuan Ju An Hui Co., a medical device design and manufacturing firm, has used INTAMSYS 3D printing to produce a passive exoskeleton, “BioNEEK”, providing support for a broad range of knee problems.

BioNEEK exoskeleton, 3D printed by INTAMSYS. Image via INTAMSYS.
BioNEEK exoskeleton, 3D printed by INTAMSYS. Image via INTAMSYS.

3D printed PEEK magnetorheological damper

The BioNEEK knee brace features a magnetorheological damper, which absorbs shock and prevents excessive force being transferred to the knee directly. Foam padding ensures the comfortable wearing of the brace.

An adjustable hinge on the BioNEEK prevents hyperextension of the knee, facilitating rehabilitation of the joint. The hinge tracks users’ natural movements to maintain support and stability.

BioNEEK, a PEEK bionic knee brace. Image via INTAMSYS.
BioNEEK, a PEEK bionic knee brace. Image via INTAMSYS.

INTAMSYS’ PEEK providing outstanding mechanical strength

The BioNEEK is 3D printed on the INTAMSYS Funmat Pro HT 3D printer. BioNEEK braces are customized to the needs of individual users. Using the Pro HT, customization is fast and consistent, whilst maintaining the durability essential for medical braces.

PEEK parts produced on the Pro HT achieve a tensile strength of 99.9 MPa and a Young’s Modulus of 3738. This strength is crucial to PEEK’s use in the main structure of BioNEEK.

“With the outstanding mechanical strength and stiffness of PEEK coupled with the reliability of INTAMSYS 3D printing solution, Sichuan Ju An Hui is now able to swiftly customize according to customers’ sizes and produce BioNEEK that fits comfortably on the knees of each customer while delivering the industry-leading level of protection, made possible by 3D printed PEEK,” said Charles Han, CEO of INTAMSYS.

BioNEEK is being displayed at INTAMYSYS’ booth at this week’s RAPID + TCT, April 23-26. 3D Printing Industry will be at RAPID all week, so don’t forget to say hello!

INTAMSYS' Funmat Pro HT. Image via INTAMSYS.
INTAMSYS’ Funmat Pro HT. Image via INTAMSYS.

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Featured image shows BioNEEK exoskeleton, 3D printed by INTAMSYS. Image via INTAMSYS. 

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