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Peachy Printers $100 DIY SLA 3D Printer is Ready for Action

Peachy Printers is accepting pre-orders for their DIY Peachy Printer Kit deigned to allow users to specify their build volume. The printer has a price point of $100, an amazing deal if you are willing to put in the hours for assembly.


The assembly itself is pretty simple, just fined two straight-walled containers and put one on top of the other. The next step is to mount your Kit above the lower reservoir. From there you can change your set up from larger to smaller, increasing your flexibility exponentially.


The printer body is also easy to assemble with Peachy Printer’s Snap-Fit assembly. This unique assembly makes upgrading your hardware a cinch.


Once you have finished assembly and have a working Peachy Printer at your fingertips you will notice the printer’s silent operation. This is a big change from typical 3D printers which are notoriously noisy. The printer operates using Libre Software which allows users to run the program any way you want for any purpose, change the program to meet your needs, and distribute and redistribute the software.

Peachy Printers offers a wide variety of eight different colored resins to meet your creative needs. They invite you to mix and match and create your own custom blends and swirls.

Peachy Printers is the brainchild of Rylan Grayston, who in 2012 began developing a working 3D printer prototype made almost entirely out of household items. In 2013, Rylan and his brother Nathan launched simultaneous Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns with investor David Boe. The Kickstarter campaign raised $651,091, while the Indiegogo campaign raised $74,167, with a total of $725, 258!

Now, Peachy Printers are about to hit the market, staying true to their $100 price point.