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Organovo – The Company Behind The First Commercial Bioprinter

Organovo is a company that specialises in bioprinting – the laboratory engineering of tissue. Bioengineering is also the focus of several other universities and research instates around the world, but unlike some of these companies working with printed live tissue with a focus on sustainability issues by producing edible, 3D printed meat, Organovo’s focus is on the medical sector — specifically on producing live human tissue.

Watch Andras Forgacs, a co-founder of Organovo explain the process and philosophy behind bioprinting – in a very clear manner – in the short video below.

The manufacturing machinery supporting Organovo’s process is the NovoGen MMX Bioprinter™. And while printing transplantable organs is still some years off in terms of research and testing, Organovo’s bioprinter can now be used for groundbreaking research of another kind – the study of the effects of (new) pharmaceuticals using functional 3D printed human tissue.

This alone would be a valid reason for introducing and highlighting the company here on 3DPI, but the key factor here is that the NovoGen MMX is the only proven-to-work, commercially available bioprinter in the world — a truly momentous achievement that points to further barriers being broken down and taking one step closer to a breakthrough for organ generation when donations are not forthcoming.

About Organovo:

Organovo is focused on delivering breakthrough three-dimensional biology capabilities to create tissue on demand for research and surgical applications. As the first company with a three-dimensional tissue technology that works across tissue types, we are meeting the promise of regenerative medicine to fill unmet medical needs.

Source: Organovo, FORA.tv

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