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New 3DP Resin is Tough by Name, Tough by Nature

Adding to its continually increasing range of resin materials for the desktop SLA / DLP 3D printers that continue to make their way to market, MadeSolid has announced a new Tough Resin. Developed to combat the most notorious deficiency with the resin 3D printing processes — namely brittleness — it reportedly overcomes this by boosting both strength and durability.



As a result, MadeSolid believes the new resin will meet the demand of users that want to produce functional prints with their stereolithography or Digital Light Processing 3D printers. The company states that it has increased t
ensile strength, impact, flex, and durability with this formula, which is compatible with the Form1+ and B9 Creator 3D printers, among others.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 16.07.20

In terms of branding, they’re keeping it simple — it’s a Tough Resin by name, and a tough resin by nature. Does exactly what it says on the bottle, and all that!

Apart from functional prototyping applications, MadeSolid also highlights 3D printed wearables as another ideal application for this resin material due to the combination of flexibility and durability. Perhaps this is something to do with the colour choices — currently the material is only available in Translucent Yellow and Orange.

For one litre of either colour, you will be paying US$119, and while the material can be pre-ordered now, delivery is expected by the end of August.