New 3D printing jobs at Rapid Liquid Print, hires at MxD, GE, Sculpteo, and facilities at Huawei and Renishaw

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Read on for career updates at GE, Sculpteo and MxD, job opportunities at Rapid Liquid Print and new facility openings at Huawei and Renishaw. 

A material being dispensed into a gel bath during Rapid Liquid Printing.
A material being dispensed into a gel bath during Rapid Liquid Printing. Image via RLP.

3D Graphics and C# Software Engineer at Rapid Liquid Print

Elastomer 3D printing start-up Rapid Liquid Print (RLP) is hiring for a 3D Graphics and C# Software Engineer to work at its facility in Boston, Massachusetts. With the firm in the process of creating a new generation of RLP 3D printers, it’s now hiring engineers to help improve their features and durability to ensure they meet clients’ needs.

Specifically, the successful candidate will be responsible for developing and testing CAD and CAM tools for use with the system, as well as integrating these into the machine itself. While the role will primarily focus on the software aspect of the 3D printer, applicants will also be expected to contribute to other elements of its design, including the honing of its electronics, mechanical parts and materials. 

RLP encourages those with a working knowledge of coding standards and build process testing, as well as experience in CAD modelling, CNC machining and software development to apply. Likewise, the company says that candidates that not only have soldering, electronics assembly and general fabrication skills, but are confident working with clients and partners, are likely to be at an advantage. 

More information about the role of 3D Graphics and C# Software Engineer at Rapid Liquid Print can be found via the 3D Printing Industry jobs site. 

Berardino Baratta, incoming CEO of MxD. Photo via MxD.
Berardino Baratta, incoming CEO of MxD. Photo via MxD.

Sculpteo, MxD and GE announce new hires 

Starting off this week’s appointment update with MxD, the US manufacturing accelerator has named Berardino Baratta as its new CEO. Baratta, who is now Vice President of Projects and Engineering at the firm, is set to assume his new role on July 1, 2022, with incumbent CEO Chandra Brown expected to enter an advisory role upon his retirement. 

In his current role, Baratta has worked closely with MxD’s partners and internal teams to develop, test and commercialize advanced Industry 4.0 concepts. Given that Baratta also has 25 years’ experience in management roles at technology businesses like Metrowerks, Freescale and Potentia Analytics, Brown has backed his successor to continue to push for innovation in the US manufacturing sector. 

“Under Berardino’s direction, we were able to launch our Cyber Marketplace; a new tool to increase the cyber preparedness and compliance of US manufacturers, start our Virtual Training Center, and exponentially grow our project portfolio,” said Brown. “He will continue to be an incredible asset and leader for MxD.” 

“Berardino has been an integral part of MxD as a driver of growth and innovation.”

GE, meanwhile, has announced a series of changes to the leadership of its GE Aviation business. As well as appointing current Chairman and CEO Larry Culp Jr as the new CEO of GE Aviation, the firm has named John Slattery Executive VP and CCO of the subsidiary, and Russell Stokes as its President and CEO of Commercial Engines and Services. 

Elsewhere, Rahul Ghai, Executive VP and CFO of Otis Worldwide has been named CFO of GE Aviation, replacing the retiring Shane Wright, in a set of sweeping changes that’ll see Ghai, Stokes and Slattery all reporting to Culp. This leadership overhaul has been launched as part of plans announced in November 2021, to split GE into three independent entities, focused on aviation, healthcare and energy.

GE Aviation's new CEO Larry Culp Jr. Photo via GE.
GE Aviation’s new CEO Larry Culp Jr. Photo via GE.

French 3D printing service provider Sculpteo has also revealed that it’s under new leadership, with Alexandre d’Orsetti taking over as its CEO. Having spent the last six years as director of the company’s design studio, d’Orsetti has now taken the reins from long-serving CEO Clément Moreau, who co-founded the firm in 2009 before going on to oversee Sculpteo’s sale to BASF ten years later. 

During his stint as director of Sculpteo’s design studio, d’Orsetti worked with designers and engineers to drive 3D printing’s wider adoption, and given the state of global supply chains, he says this has become more important than ever before. 

“Even when distribution chains were slowed down or paralysed in a crisis context like the COVID pandemic, 3D printing endured the continuity of various production lines,” said d’Orsetti. “The development of new materials with efficient mechanical properties, particularly by BASF, are making it possible to target new industrial applications… such as automotive, space, architecture and healthcare.”

“For a designer, it is exciting to see how these technologies are making it possible to rethink not only the shapes and design approach for parts, but also to revisit production and supply scenarios.”

Sculpteo 3D printing production. Photo via Sculpteo
A Sculpteo engineer using a 3D printer at one of its facilities. Photo via Sculpteo.

Huawei, Renishaw in facility expansions

Lastly, in facilities news, Chinese communications technology developer Huawei has formally opened its largest technology experience center outside China in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Built in partnership with the Saudi Space Commission, the 1,500-square meter complex is set to showcase cutting-edge technologies ranging from 3D printing to AI driven cars, and attract 200,000 visitors over the next 5 years. 

At the center’s launch ceremony, the CEO of Huawei Saudi Arabia Eric Yang, said it would help the Kingdom achieve the digital ambitions outlined in its Vision 2030 initiative. Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Investment Adnan Alsharqi, meanwhile, hailed the Future Space program under which the complex was commissioned, for “enriching the country’s digital ecosystem” and attracting private investment. 

UK-based engineering firm Renishaw has also announced plans to expand its operations by investing more than £50 million in its South Wales-based Miskin site. The move is set to see the firm add another 400,000 square foot of additional low-carbon buildings to the complex, including two new production halls and an employee welfare facility. 

With the company said to be enjoying strong revenue growth and becoming increasingly confident in its future prospects, it believes now is the right time to build on its capacity. Expected to take place in phases, the expansion is scheduled to begin next month on the new halls, welfare facility and related infrastructure, with the second hall set to be built in full when ‘business levels require its use.’

“The last two years have highlighted the importance of in-house manufacturing for Renishaw and the control that this gives us in meeting our quality, cost and delivery targets,” said Gareth Hankins, Renishaw’s Head of Global Manufacturing. “This significant investment by our board to increase the group’s production capabilities demonstrates a huge vote of confidence in our manufacturing operations and people, at an exciting time for the business.”

A render of the new employee welfare facility set to be built at Renishaw's Miskin complex. Image via Renishaw.
A render of the new employee welfare facility set to be built at Renishaw’s Miskin complex. Image via Renishaw.

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