New 3D printing jobs at Massivit 3D, RCAM, Solvus Global, Thought3D, hires at Titomic and more

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Welcome to the latest edition of our 3D printing jobs and career moves update for the additive manufacturing sector. 

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Read on for updates on the latest job opportunities at RCAM Technologies, Massivit 3D, Thought3D and Solvus Global, as well as new hires at Titomic, and facility openings from 3D Metalforge, NatureWorks, Xaar, the BMI, Alstom and EIT. 

The Massivit 5000. Photo via Massivit.
Massivit 3D is on the lookout for a new Marketing Specialist to work out of its U.S. offices. Image via Massivit 3D.

Marketing Specialist at Massivit 3D 

Industrial 3D printer manufacturer Massivit 3D is seeking to hire an experienced Marketing Specialist to lead its marketing activities in North America. Based in Roswell, USA, the role involves working closely with the firm’s Isreali HQ to manage its communications, branding and image as well as executing annual marketing campaigns and events to budget. 

Reporting directly to Massivit 3D’s President of North America, the position requires a hands-on approach, in which candidates will need to secure agreements on the production of promotional materials, and liaise with clients to create case studies that highlight the potential and capabilities of the company’s technologies.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are considered essential to the role, while applicants should also have a minimum of two years’ experience in a similar industrial B2B position and a related bachelor’s degree. Additionally, It’s worth noting that the position requires occasional travel of up to five days consecutively for industry trade shows. 

Those interested in applying for the role of Marketing Specialist at Massivit 3D can view the full job description here.

Concrete 3D printing Structural Engineer at RCAM Technologies 

Wind turbine additive manufacturing specialist RCAM Technologies is recruiting for a Concrete 3D printing Structural Engineer to work at one of its bases in Scotland, England, California or Colorado. Responsibilities of the position include leading the structural design, manufacturing and testing of RCAM’s onshore and offshore wind energy products, as well as its next-gen pumped hydro energy storage devices. 

In addition to overseeing the use of 3D printed concrete to support designs and concepts, the successful candidate will be accountable for contributing to other federally-sponsored projects. Applicants will need a strong knowledge of designing, manufacturing and analyzing reinforced concrete structures, and can expect annual compensation of between $50,000 and $200,000 depending on experience. 

Candidates interested in applying for the role of Concrete 3D printing Structural Engineer at RCAM Technologies can view the full job description here.

"Heavy seas engulf the Block Island Wind Farm- the first US offshore wind farm. The five Halide 6MW turbines were installed by Deepwater Wind and began producing power in 2016." Photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL
RCAM Technologies specializes in the development of clean energy technologies. Photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL.

Friction Stir Welding Engineer at Solvus Global 

Advanced manufacturing service provider Solvus Global is looking for a Friction Stir Welding Engineer to work at its base in Worcester, Massachusetts. As a Solvus Global engineer, applicants will be expected to develop friction stir welding parameters, build large parts on request, design fixturing and drive the business case for the firm’s technologies. 

The company has made it clear that candidates must be a US Person according to FAR22 CFR 120.15, with at least five years’ experience operating similar equipment and a strong understanding of g-code. A mechanical, materials or welding engineering degree, as well as having excellent communication skills, would also be considered advantageous. 

Potential candidates for the position of Friction Stir Welding Engineer at Solvus Global can find the full job description here.

Electrical Engineer at Thought3D

3D printing adhesives developer Thought3D is searching for an Electrical Engineer to work out of its Maltese facility. Primarily, the role is set to involve assembling and testing the company’s upcoming electronic products, while helping clients through any technical queries they may have about their operation. 

Given that the firm is still fast-growing, applicants will also be required to cover the roles of their colleagues where needed, including conducting prototyping in other areas. As a result, candidates will need to possess problem solving, technical, math and science skills, in addition to electronics design, programming (C/C++) and assembly experience. 

Interested in finding out more about the position of Electrical Engineer at Thought3D? View the full job description here.

Magigoo Pro adhesives. Photo via Thought3D
Thought3D is the parent company of adhesives manufacturer Magigoo. Photo via Thought3D.

Titomic appoints permanent CEO 

Australian metal 3D printer manufacturer Titomic has announced the appointment of Herbert Koeck as its new Chief Executive Officer. Set to take up his role on July 1, 2021, Koeck will succeed the company’s current interim CEO Norbert Schulze, who will remain at the firm, albeit taking up a different role. 

Koeck joins from the U.S-based 3D Systems, where he has been part of its executive management team for over five years, managing its sales and global orders as well as contributing to product R&D, and prior to that, he was Managing Director, EMEA at Hewlett Packard and Senior Vice-President for the PC and Printing Solution Group.

“Herbert is a proven leader with deep AM experience, hardcore marketing skills, business vision and the ability to bring people together,” said Titomic Chairman Dr Andreas Schwer. “During this exciting time of transformation, Herbert is the right leader at the right time for Titomic. The new leadership team, employees, partners, customers and shareholders will all benefit under Herbert’s leadership.”

3D Metalforge leases 3D printing facility 

3D printing service provider 3D Metalforge has leased a 1,858 sq meter factory in Texas as a means of expanding its reach within the growing U.S. additive manufacturing market. Once in operation, the new complex will become the company’s flagship production facility and regional HQ, housing its core marketing, operations and design teams. 

The facility is also set to be equipped with several large-format industrial 3D printers, materials and related software, enabling it to rapidly fulfill client demand for services such as in-house part design, production and training when it opens in full, which is expected to happen by September 2021. 

“Houston is the global centre for oil and gas and the most important corporate location for us to target decision makers and high-value engineering groups who service that sector,” said 3D Metalforge’s MD Matthew Waterhouse. “Having the ability to produce metal parts near to their end point of use improves the robustness and flexibility of our supply chains and allows penetration into [other] sectors.” 

SLM 3D printing at a 3D Metalforge facility. Photo via 3D Metalforge
A Renishaw SLM 3D printer in operation at one of 3D Metalforge’s facilities. Photo via 3D Metalforge.

NatureWorks makes PLA plant progress

Eco-friendly 3D printing material manufacturer NatureWorks has announced that it has been given the go-ahead to build a new biopolymer production facility in Thailand by local authorities. Still subject to board approval, the upcoming PLA plant is set to have an annual capacity of 75,000 tons, and will produce its full portfolio of Ingeo grades. 

Having gained approval from the Thailand Board of Investment, the firm’s complex will be built at the Nakhon Sawan Biocomplex (NBC) in Nakhon Sawan province, with the site due to open by 2024. Recently, NatureWorks also finished the plant’s front-end engineering design work with Jacobs, and it now expects to announce further details about the project later this year.

“We are pleased to share these significant accomplishments as part of our next phase for global manufacturing expansion,” said Rich Altice, President and CEO of NatureWorks. “The approval and support from the Thailand Board of Investment was a critical milestone on our path toward opening our new facility in Thailand.”

Xaar and BNI to set up joint AM lab 

Inkjet printing specialist Xaar has agreed to partner with the Beijing National Innovation Institute of Lightweight (BNI) to establish a ‘Joint Digital Printing Laboratory.’ The deal between the firms, which was signed during a formal meeting of leaders from both sides, cements their long-running partnership, and Xaar’s commitment to continue providing BNI with technical support and advice.

Built around the joint expertise and technologies of the two companies, the new facility is set to focus on the development of new digital inkjet applications, such as printing 3D objects, glass, electronics and automotive spray painting. 

“We are delighted to be partnering with BNI in establishing our Joint Laboratory in Beijing,” said John Mills, CEO of Xaar. “This important new facility will maximize our complementary advantages and strengthen our collaboration in the future development of digital inkjet technologies.”

Evaluating inkjet fluids. Photo via Xaar.
A Xaar engineer evaluating inkjet fluids. Photo via Xaar.

Alstom expands 3D printing hub 

French multinational Alstom has finished expanding the facilities of its dedicated 3D printing hub. Located at the firm’s Santa Perpètua Industrial Center in Barcelona, the revised complex now features a 3D scanner, ten industrial FDM machines and three SLA-DLP resin systems, effectively enabling its engineers to create 3D printed tooling and prototypes. 

Between April 2020 and March 2021, engineers at the company’s complex were able to manufacture 13,978 individual parts, and following its expansion, Alstom anticipates that the center will be able to play a much bigger role within reverse engineering tasks, as well as providing support to other areas of its business. 

“This new enlarged hub will allow us to increase the number of components generated by 3D printing,” said Jaume Altesa, head of Alstom’s 3D printing hub, “including structural, functional and safety elements; incorporating new materials and techniques that improve Alstom’s manufacturing processes.” 

EIT opens “state-of-the-art” facility 

Finally, the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) has announced the opening of a new “state-of-the-art” Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Development Laboratory at its campus in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. The facility doubles the capacity of its original lab, which had become too small to accommodate demand for its BCS Intelligent Systems major.

At the site’s opening, EIT partnered with Omron to showcase its ‘Cobot,’ which is designed to operate in scenarios where robots work alongside humans, to Hawke’s Bay industries. During future courses at the facility, students will use the Cobot to develop their skills, by programming the robot to recognise objects of a particular shape and size.

“We are privileged to have this sort of equipment that can do these sorts of things here at EIT,” said Fred Koenders, EIT’s Executive Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Technology. “It makes sure that EIT is relevant, up to date and progressive when it comes to our teaching and student learning. But the added advantage is that Hawke’s Bay industry will also get the benefits of this sort of technology.”

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