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MyMiniFactory launch monthly reports giving insight into people’s 3D printing habits

3D file sharing community MyMiniFactory has released the first of what is to become a monthly trend report for the most downloaded objects on their site. The 3D Printing Content Trends Report #1 shows what MyMiniFactory’s visitors downloaded throughout December 2016 and provides an insight into what people are 3D printing.

Biggest downloads in toys, games and art

Unsurprisingly, the most popular downloads around Christmas are in the Toys & Games category – as many people became first-time 3D printer owners, or used their machines to 3D print gifts.

Chart showing the popularity of different categories. Image via: MyMiniFactory
Chart showing the popularity of different categories. Image via: MyMiniFactory

One of our favorite designs in this category is the articulated Frida Kahlo figurine by Eva Sbaraini (on MyMiniFactory as Evavooo). The posable Frida was created using a base model also designed by Sbaraini, and can be printed support free because it’s broken down into parts.

"Frida Kahlo - Articulated Figure - Support Free" Photo via: Evavooo
“Frida Kahlo – Articulated Figure – Support Free” Photo via: Evavooo

(If any readers are interested by the way my birthday is in August)

Second most popular are downloads from MyMiniFactory’s digital museum, Scan the World, who recently surmounted a collection of 5,000 3D printable models, and helped tip the site over 20,000 total models.

One of the collection’s top downloaded models is Leonardo Da Vinici’s Vitruvian Man, taken from a sculpture of it in London’s Belgrave Square.

3D printed Vitruvian Man. Photo via: Scan the World
3D printed Vitruvian Man. Photo via: Scan the World

Top 10 December Designers

Scan the World is also top of the ranking for designers, relying on point cloud data from its international community to make .stl files of sculptures and art objects. And, being a substantial collection of over 300 models, the Louvre Museum in Paris ranks at 10.

Many other designers on the list are a part of the MyMiniFactory Studios Program meaning that their objects are exclusively available on the website. Amongst these are Kirby Downy’s collection of video game inspired props and merchandise, including this wicked Hadouken fireball from Street Fighter (pictured below).

"Hadouken Fireball - Street Fighter" Photo via: Kirby Downey
“Hadouken Fireball – Street Fighter” Photo via: Kirby Downey

Jill Cope’s cosplay props have also proven to be very popular with visitors, achieving 2724 downloads throughout December 2016. Cope’s MyMiniFactory profile, Obsydiann, has 205,662 all-time views, and with 3D prints like the Fire Emblem Awakening Falchion sword it’s easy to see why.

Fire Emblem Awakening Falchion Photo via: Obsydiann
Fire Emblem Awakening Falchion Photo via: Obsydiann

3D Printing Industry will be keeping an eye on the reports as they become available and share any updates we have with our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and through our newsletter.

You can nominate MyMiniFactory for a 3D Printing Industry Award here.

Featured image shows A low-poly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle by Jurica Pranjic.  ‘TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES – TMNT’ on MyMiniFactory. Photo via: Jurica Pranjic