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MyMiniFactory enables 3D printing accessibility with Click & Print plugin for OctoPrint

MyMiniFactory, a UK-based 3D content platform, has launched a new plugin to make 3D printing more widely accessible to consumers.

The Click & Print plugin is now available for OctoPrint, an open source interface used to control and monitor many aspects of print runs. This new feature allows users to 3D print without prior knowledge of slicing or STL file preparation.

Jim Neill, an OctoPrint plugin developer and the main developer on the project in collaboration with MyMiniFactory, stated:

“I think the Click & Print system that MyMiniFactory has developed expands the ease at which the non-technical/new 3D printer user will experience, and hopefully my plugin implementation for OctoPrint will expand that technology to the maker community at large.”

The Click & Print plugin. Photo via MyMiniFactory.
The Click & Print plugin. Photo via MyMiniFactory.

The OctoPrint interface

The OctoPrint project was created by Gina Häußge as a highly extensible and powerful tool that allows a user to control and monitor 3D printers remotely.

There definitely is a need for Open Source projects. In fact, I think the past couple of years the importance of Open Source has only grown as companies across the globe are seeing the benefits of sharing knowledge instead of reinventing their own wheels over and over again and have started to contribute more actively.

“In the field of consumer 3D printing, everything relies on Open Source – be it firmware, host software, slicers. And the CAD packages are also catching to their commercial and closed source competitors.”

Monitoring 3D prints remotely with OctoPrint.
Monitoring 3D prints remotely with OctoPrint.

The Click & Print Plugin

Additive manufacturing typically requires some understanding of parameters of slicing an STL file in preparation for print, according to the 3D model, material and 3D printer. MyMiniFactory’s Click & Print enables users to 3D print without this knowledge, ultimately encouraging more makers to 3D print while saving time within the process. 

According to the platform, “the goal of MyMiniFactory is to empower 3D designers to share their creativity and guaranteed 3D printable objects with the world, the idea came about as a way to expand the audience of those who can enjoy their digital content as objects.”

Romain Kidd, CEO of MyMiniFactory said, “It’s only one click away, so now anyone who knows how to use Instagram can now also enjoy 3D designer content and printing through MyMiniFactory.”

The Click & Print plugin is available for Octoprint on the MyMiniFactory app. 

Octoprint is available for free, and the MyMiniFactory app is available on both Google Play Store and iOS app. Instructions for enabling the plugin can be found here.

The Click & Print plugin. Photo via MyMiniFactory.

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Featured image shows the Click & Print plugin. Photo via MyMiniFactory.