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More R&D Into Graphene for 3D Printing

The on-going research into the use of graphene as a 3D printing material is a notable development in the material sector.  The issue is getting more attention, which should result in the research being taken to new levels. An interesting new partnership highlights this further.

American Graphite Technologies Inc. and the Khariv Insitute of Physics and Technology are planning to work together in order to research the possibilities of using graphene contained materials for 3D printing applications.

CEO of American Graphite Technologies Inc., Rick Walchuk, commented on the plans: “I have been meeting with our collaboration partners at KIPT over the past week in Ukraine and I am very excited about the project that we are about to embark on. We are currently finalizing the details and expect to release more information on the project shortly.”

For those new to graphene watch the video below:

There are plenty of advantages to using graphene, especially for 3D printing, such as being strong, light-weight, flexible and conductive. Due to the graphene atom structure it’s tougher to crack than diamonds and 300 times harder than steel. Just the thought of being able to 3D print graphene brings a number of new applications to mind!

Graphene 3D Printing MaterialGraphene layers only one atom thick would still remain very strong and tough. Laying several layers together makes it flexible, even rollable. Graphene’s strength-to-weight ratio beats any other material known to man.

Graphene can be used for electrical applications as well: it conducts electricity better than copper wire.

The potential outcome from this research is phenomenal and it is highly likely that we can not yet conceive of the possibilities if it proves successful.