3DP Applications

MixeeMe Figurines

The online retail business for 3D printed goods is developing fast, especially in the areas such as gift items and decorative items. One such provider just open their doors for service recently and their first product line is called Mixees, small 3D printed figurines designed as decorative items. The company Mixee Me was founded by Nancy Liang and Aaron Barnet on the premise that creation should be fun, quick and simple, regardless of your level of expertise in using 3D software.


The use of software and creating suitable design files is still a challenge for the industry from the consumers perspective and Mixee Me’s service can certainly help overcome such obstacles. Using the intuitive design interface offers an easy way to get to know 3D printing in a fun manner and the end product makes a cheerful gift for your family or friends.

The company is planning to expand the available product range into other categories as well and has partnered with Shapeways for the payment, printing, packaging and shipping. The Mixees cost US $25 and will ship in 1-2 weeks from your order.

Please see below few Mixee samples created by Nancy & Aaron;