3DP Applications

Marketers: Why 3D Printing is More Important Than You Think

3D Printing has made its presence felt in some of the finest product research and development laboratories. However, its application and usage in the mainstream has yet to start. It’s just a matter of time until it becomes a common technology adopted by major industries.

According to Steve Heller the figures show the stakes are high. Mainstream 3D printing growth in the industry is expected to grow by 31% each year into a $21 billion market by 2020.


What marketers are looking forward to

The good news for marketers is that 3D printing provides many opportunities to deliver out of the box solutions. 3D printing allows innovative ways to develop and strengthen relationships with existing and potential customers.

Some of the most exciting global businesses are already expanding possibilities by using 3D printers. Coca-Cola created miniature statues of consumers to promote smaller Coke bottles. Some of the other companies experimenting with the technology are Nokia, Volkswagen, and eBay. In retail, say Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in UK, Le Bon Marché in France, to name a few.

Marketing is a competitive business where individuality becomes the secret to success. A major factor in a successful marketing campaign is in its distinctiveness. Originality by utilizing 3D printing is the secret ingredient in the recipe for success of tomorrow’s business.

Businesses are now able to actually make and “print” advertising and promotional products tailored to customer briefs. They can also develop interactive ideas.

Advertising businesses offering promotional and professional printing services will succeed by using 3D printing technology. They will be able to offer quick customization and may even achieving perfection in creating a product exactly how it was conceived. The technology has advanced so much that the only barrier is imagination. Marketers can dream big and then leave the rest to this mind blowing technology.

The benefits

3D printing technology is gaining in popularity, becoming more competitive, and increasingly affordable. A lot of businesses and industries are benefiting. Those employing the new technology include manufacturers, print advertisers, and commercial marketing firms who are reaching out to clients with new brilliant ideas.

With this modern technology not a lot of equipment is required and the equipment can be run with a small staff. The initial cost is also fractional in comparison to large automated setups in various manufacturing plants.

Innovative uses

Biscuits and chocolates can now be 3D printed. It will be very interesting for food-related businesses to see what their marketers and printers are actually capable of with no holds barred. Now companies can produce any design of biscuit with extreme detailing. Since the technology is still very new and modern, many will be attracted by the amazing designs and logo printing. This makes these giveaways useful free samples at trade shows.

3D printing can be used to reproduce old marketing collaterals and showcase legacy. Now all the old products, advertising collateral, and other historical business materials can be reproduced and displayed in waiting areas, lobbies, and libraries. This technology will facilitate bringing all the corporate history into one place in a better, crisper shape.

3D Printed technology is also being used by some of the most modern manufacturers to develop prototypes and products going through testing phase. This has increased the efficiency of product development. These 3D printing innovations are saving; time, money and resulting in higher profit margins.

Whether 3D printing is used to catch a potential customer’s attention at a trade show, or utilized behind the scenes for rapid product prototyping, it’s uses are unmistakable and only hindered by our own imagination.