MakerBot Video: You Can Make Anything 2

MakerBot produced a brilliant promotional video presenting what their clients are creating with their MakerBots. The video itself is a nicely edited compilation of various down to earth everyday life people from kids to elderly talking about the MakerBot and showing their creations and passion for being a maker.

The point the video is making is that you don’t need a high level of skills to use a MakerBot – just a little bit of time and patience. “Anyone can do this” as stated in the beginning of the video.

The applications vary from simple toilet paper holder, dinosaur replicates, kids’ toys to more complicated robotics creations.

The less than 4 minutes video is definitely our choice for this Sunday’s favorite. Have a look at yourself and tell us what you think. Or even better, share what have you created with your MakerBot: