3D Printing

MakerBot & GrabCAD Present Desktop 3D Printer Challenge – Think 2040!

The latest design challenge for 3D printing comes from MakerBot and GrabCAD.  The premise for this collaborative challenge is to design a futuristic vehicle that would exist in the year 2040.

It’s a fun one — considering how we might travel in the future whilst exploring designs that are optimized for 3D printing today.

The requirements for the challenge include using solid models of parts and assemblies to create cars, planes, spacecraft, ships, etc. that would exist in the year 2040; model parts should fit, be scaled to or be cut into sections of no greater than 28.5 x 15.3 x 15.5 cm (to accommodate the build chamber of the Rep2); digital models can be designed in any CAD software as long as .step or .iges and .stl files are also uploaded; renders/screenshots are required for all entries; and every entry has to be tagged with “Replicator2” or it will not be classed as a valid entry.

Entries are invited from individuals and/or teams who can submit as many entries as they wish, but all entries must be uploaded to the GrabCAD library  —although participants are also strongly encouraged to post on Thingiverse.

The challenge opened a couple of days ago and at time of writing already features 20 entries. The closing date for entries is January 11, 2013 and winners will be announced by February 11, 2013 at the latest.

First prize is a MakerBot Replicator 2, and the runner up will receive a MakerBot Original Replicator. So for anyone caught by the 3D printing bug, but as yet not running their own 3D printer — this one has to be worth a shot!!

The judging panel for the winning entries will comprise both GrabCAD and Makerbot staff.