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CNN Video: Printing Toys in 3D

This CNN video features ‘a toy shop of the future’ — as they call it. The Makielab store is located in central London and opened its doors recently —just in time for Christmas.

We have covered the Makielab concept on 3DPI, whereby customers log on to to create their own digital figure for about 100 USD. The designs are then sent to Makielab, based in London. The eyes and hair are added later.

What makes the Makielab business model different is the fact that the figures are locally produced and customisable through the utilization of 3D printing technology, versus the traditional mass production method.

Makielab subcontracts the actual 3D printing to a company in central London called Digits 2 Widgets, run by Jonathan Rowley, who provides the same service to many other design companies.

All this is possible because of the internet + 3D printing.