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MakiBox A6 – Affordable, Reliable and Simple 3D Printer Project

MakiBox A6, a $300-level 3D printer project from Makible, has witnessed further development steps in its journey towards production. The machine – capable of printing a variety of materials such as ABS, PLA and PVA – is a compact and cool looking device, which is intended to bring simplicity and reliability to the ever more crowded market of wallet-friendly 3D printers.

The creator – Jonathan Buford – compares the accessibility level of the MakiBox A6 to that of an Ikea furniture set-up – a global analogy for ‘even-I-could-do-that’. Watch a video of the man behind all of this explaining the easy functioning and other purposes of the project below.

As for the current phase of the project – the quality of the 3D print output is constantly improving, but there is still work for Jonathan to do before the product is capable of creating consistent enough results and meet the other quality standards set out for it. Below are some of the results of the trial-and-error process of tweaking the machinery to produce optimal quality objects.

MakiBox Alpha Phase Output

Jonathan is also aiming to add the capability of multi-colour printing and laser cutting among other features to the MakiBox A6 before the launch – set for March of next year – with a consumer price of $400 including shipping ($100) and 0.5kg (or roughly a pound) of ABS to go with the printer.

You can follow the product evolution from the source link for yourself, but we will also definitely be keeping an eye on the progress and keeping you updated as the year changes and the specified launch time closes in.

Source: MakiBOX

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