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Makelab partners with AMFG for automated 3D printing on-demand

Brooklyn-based on-demand 3D printing service bureau, Makelab, has partnered with automation software developer AMFG. With the help of AMFG’s software utilities, Makelab is to streamline it’s 3D printing service requests in response to high demand. 

According to Christina Perla, Makelab co-founder, there was a clear need to partner with AMFG. Perla said, “as we scale our business, we’re always looking for innovative ways to solve key issues like keeping track of all our machines, effectively packing builds and ultimately, optimizing our workflow for maximum efficiency. AMFG answered all of these questions and more, so we can provide a faster, more efficient service for our customers.”

The new customer portal of Makelab allows users to upload, customize, and 3D print their files. Image via Makelab
The new customer portal of Makelab allows users to upload, customize, and 3D print their files. Image via Makelab

Makelab, the 3D printing service bureau

Makelab works with designers and technical experts to bring people’s ideas to life through 3D printing. Its services range from designing a product to 3D printing a prototype and producing a finished product.

The company has a wide variety of clients, including, graphics processing unit designer NVIDIA, crochet artist London Kaye, online novelty story The Unemployed Philosophers Guild, and architectural company Aardvarchitecture.

Perla and the team elected AMFG’s workflow automation software to save Makelab valuable resources which can be concentrated on other projects and developing a wider market. AMFG’s software will manage quoting, scheduling of production jobs, parts tracking, post-processing services, and quality assurance.

Chart of AMFG's capabilities. Image via AMFG
Chart of AMFG’s capabilities. Image via AMFG

AMFG and automated 3D printing

AMFG, formerly known as RP Platform, provides workflow automation software specifically for the additive manufacturing industry.

The company aims to provide 3D printing companies its software capabilities to fully automate manufacturing operations, including, quotation, workflow organization, product management, and post-production. In June 2018, AMFG launched a new Artificial Intelligence platform in a step toward its long-term goals. Even more recently, the company launched its Holistic Build Analysis tool, which helps the user estimate the cost of production.

AMFG’s business development manager, Felix Doerr hopes that the partnership with Makelab will expand the company’s client base outside the UK. Doerr said, “our partnership with Makelab marks AMFG’s further expansion into the US market.”

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Featured image shows 3D printed E.T. finished with gold. Photo via Makelab