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LINK3D launches Production Planning System for additive manufacturing workflow optimization

LINK3D, a New York-based 3D printing software developers, has launched a new production planning and manufacturing scheduling solution for its additive manufacturing workflow software.

Powered by advanced Build Simulation and machine connectivity, the Production Planning System (PPS) is designed to aid users in maximizing machine utilization, track and trace yield, and capacity management. Shane Fox, Co-Founder and CEO of LINK3D stated:

“Our comprehensive predictive models are made to forecast AM production and costing outputs by accounting for labor, hardware model, AM technology, post-processing and including material science variables like specific gravity and viscosity.”

The Production Planning System via LINK3D’s additive manufacturing workflow software. Image via LINK3D.

Connecting digital threads for 3D printing

Established in 2016, LINK3D has continued to develop digital technologies to support additive manufacturers within the aerospace and defense industry.

Earlier this year, Link3D announced its first blockchain technology for additive manufacturing, which provides higher levels of file integrity, security, and traceability to help companies move towards Industry 4.0. This technology also offers automation throughout an organization’s additive manufacturing workflow from initial drafting through to end production. Fox added:

“To push the boundaries of AM, we’ve spent years researching and collaborating with our OEM partners to understand and fill the missing gaps needed to achieve series production in the Digital Manufacturing space.”

“We believe in order for the industry to achieve this ultimate goal, it is necessary for organizations to adopt Production Planning Systems (PPS) and take advantage of leading technologies that can help them increase repeatable throughput.”

Data analytics generated through the PPS. Image via LINK3D.

Streamlining additive manufacturing

As a blockchain system, PPS will operate as a predictive program allowing its users to efficiently organize the scheduling process for part production.

Some of the features of PPS include planning 3D builds from order submission to delivery, accurate estimations of production lead times and material usage, advanced build simulations, and scheduled execution with machine connectivity.

Furthermore, PPS has the ability to track and trace of the genealogy of a 3D model, while managing scheduling, production dispatching, and the source’s facility capacity.

Previously, Fox gave us his perspective on the future of 3D printing and automated technologies in our thought leadership series. He explained:

“We’ll see an increase in collaboration between software and hardware. This will help industries advance their additive manufacturing facilities towards mainstream manufacturing. Those that invest in automation software will begin to experience the true benefits of what Industry 4.0 promises.”

Machine scheduling capabilities available through the PPS. Image via LINK3D.

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Featured image shows the Production Planning System via LINK3D’s additive manufacturing workflow software. Image via LINK3D.