3D Printing

The Luckiest Place on Earth Forged with Metal 3D Printing

Renishaw, the UK’s only metal 3D printer manufacturer, has participated in a project to bring both a tiny bit of luck and generosity to the world.  Working with Folkestone-based visual and public arts company, Strange Cargo, Renishaw 3D printed a metal sculpture meant to act as a luck and wish recycling point for the Folkestone Triennial arts festival, running from August 30 to November 2.

renishaw 3D printed luckiest place on earth sculptureThe intricately designed piece features a number of different lucky symbols – wish bones, clovers, horse shoes, shooting stars, black cats – and acts as a place for passersby to make and recycle wishes.  Patrons can deposit a penny, make a wish, and take a different penny to spread the fortune around.  For that reason, the piece is titled The Luckiest Place on Earth.   In order to craft the elaborate figures of luck, Strange Cargo’s design was 3D printed in titanium with Renishaw’s  AM250 machine.

Head of communications at Renishaw, Chris Pockett, said of the collaboration, “We’re incredibly pleased with how accurately our additive manufacturing machine has been able to reproduce Strange Cargo’s unusual and alluring design for the luck and wish recycling point. The piece is yet another example of the potential of 3D printing when it comes to design freedom. 3D printing is no longer just a prototyping method; it’s a practical solution for producing highly complex one-off and small batch builds.”

3D printed sculptures for Folkestone Triennial arts festival

The Luckiest Place on Earth has not been left unattended, beneath the Folkestone Central Railway Bridge.  Guarding the wish recycling point are four brightly colored sculptures on plinths, made from the 3D scans of four Folksetone residents picked from 700 applicants and 3D printed in nylon. Artistic director at Strange Cargo Brigitte Orasinski commented, “Working with Renishaw has been an incredible experience. Their approachability, innovation and expertise have enabled my team of artists and digital designers to realise Strange Cargo’s vision for our artwork, The Luckiest Place on Earth. The resulting 3D printed luck point and sculptures are groundbreaking. I still can’t believe how quickly Renishaw were able to create such complex designs.”

If you’re in town for the next couple of months, please make a wish for me: a mild winter!