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Leopoly’s easy-to-use software continues to make waves

With multiple headquarters in San Francisco and Budapest, Leopoly‘s 3D printing software, with its easy-to-use interface, enables even the most novice of users to create their own personalized products from a personal device. Since launching in 2015, Leopoly has partnered with over a dozen companies in the 3D printing space, even working with Fortune 100 technology and retail companies to enable customers to create and customize their own products. In September of 2015, they teamed up with My Mini Factory to allow users to print customized versions of historic sculptures available through the site’s Scan the World page.

Also in 2015, Leopoly’s accessible platform was introduced as a pilot project at the Orchard store in Mountain View, California. Customers in the store were able to select from multiple templates displaying home accessories and items, include their desired personal message or detail, and receive a 3D printed item in minutes, all performed on a touchscreen computer.



Closing investments and making waves

In recent news, the company was selected in the River Accelerator’s 3rd class, an accelerator and advisement course at Rothenberg Ventures, in hopes of becoming the most promising “frontier technology” startup to specialize in 3D printing and object creation software. Leopoly also closed an investment round started earlier this year with Rothenberg Ventures and teamed up with some impressive partners including HP, Lowes, and zSpace.

“By enabling creation and printing of 3D objects without experience or specialized knowledge, Leopoly has moved us forward into a world of mass customization,” said Neil Devani, Rothenberg Ventures Investment Team Manager and Leopoly Deal Rep.


3D software for everyone

Leopoly’s CEO Roland Manyai, hopes to share “the ability to immediately create a well desired and personalized product” with everyone in the near future. In order to ensure this dream, the team continues to work on a second-generation retail solution, that will empower retailers to offer online product personalization to customers. Additionally, earlier this year, Leopoly launched their 3D application on HP’s Sprout device and will announce a new design application in virtual reality this summer. Leopoly hopes to connect 3D design and printing with the VR world with their latest application, providing users with easy 3D printed renders of their VR experiences.

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