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Control your 3D printing costs with YSoft

The YSoft be3D eDee is now on general release along with the YSoft SafeQ workflow solutions platform, which promises to make the whole process of 3D printing easier, cheaper and more secure for schools and businesses.
The two products are very different, but they fit neatly together.

The 3D printer for schools works in perfect harmony with the management software that can trace every single print back to an individual, organise your files and ensure they are stored securely.

The YSoft educational printer, the YSoft be3D eDee

A printer that watches the pennies

This YSoft be3D eDee is a printer designed specifically for schools, which have to account for every penny to apply them to each department’s budget. With a comprehensive management system in place the YSoft allows schools and universities to manage, account for and even recover their costs.

It’s a simple desktop PLA printer that provides prints of 150x150x150mm, with a resolution of 100 µm, so it’s standard fare when it comes to the size and quality. What marks it apart is the card or PIN access that can be supplied to each teacher, or even every student, to track usage.

All companies will need this software in the end

Every company that adopts 3D printing to any serious level will need something like this in their toolbox before long. Schools, meanwhile, are relying on additive manufacturing more and more, which means the costs are significant.

A school that lets its 3D printing budget get out of control will suffer somewhere down the line and simple packages like this can help them monitor the printer usage and understand where they can make savings.
Software to back up the hardware

Now 3D printers can exploit YSoft SafeQ 6, which was a system originally designed for 2D documents and of course the system can now tie together all your 2D and 3D projects. It is an enterprise level software suite that is designed to control scanning and printing, as well as document capture, storage and recovery.

In large organizations it can streamline the administrative procedures, help to organize your silos of information on third party storage systems like Dropbox and free up staff. This inevitably boosts productivity and can help control staff access to certain files without restricting the people that need them in a hurry.

Security is an increasing concern and the SafeQ suite provides accountability, a clear digital trail for each document and encryption to lock documents. It’s even environmentally friendly as YSoft reckons that every person in an office prints 10,000 sheets of paper a year and 27% of it is waste.

While 3D prints tend to be more considered, even a small amount of waste can add up over the course of the year and companies have to control these costs.

What else does it do?

Other benefits include client-based print roaming, which means that the workstation itself can handle more without using up server space. Multitenancy also allows print service providers to use one licence to cover several clients and share the costs between several companies.

There’s a mobile app that means YSoft is convenient and can be used with devices that don’t have an embedded terminal. That saves money and makes the whole system more accessible. A USB card reader can also help bring these features to the hardware you already own.

Integrating systems like this can be the obstacle that prevents some companies signing up, but this simple card reader means that a lot of machines can be locked and secured in minutes without major expense.
Select partners and customers took advantage of the company’s Early Access Release program in March. Now, though, the systems are available to the general public.

Who is YSoft?

YSoft has been in business since 2000 and the company from the Czech Republic now services companies in more than 120 countries. It produces 3D printers for manufacturing, as well as schools, and it knows the issues that companies will face when it comes to managing their print jobs.
So if 3D printing is becoming more important in your company, or your school, then YSoft’s solutions might help you manage and recover your costs.