3D Print Remixes of Famous Sculptures with MyMiniFactory & Leopoly

More than a year has passed since MyMiniFactory launched its Scan the World initiative, even going so far to pay people to scan famous works of art to upload to MMF for 3D printing.  Since then, the site has populated its Scan the World page with some 1,563 models from every continent, excluding Antarctica (btw, MMF, if you want to pay me to scan things in Antarctica, I’m down).  And, now, MMF has teamed up with Leopoly to let users remix these historical pieces, allowing the current generation of artists continue the artistic dialogue in their own 21st century dialect.

scan the world 3D printable remixs with leopoly on myminifactory

Beginning with 12 models from Scan the World, anyone in the MMF community can use Leopoly’s simple, cloud-based tools to start sculpting, painting, formshifting, and applying images, text, and patterns to what were once regarded as untouchable masterpieces.  Take that, Dante!


This is the first time I’ve used Leopoly since I first wrote about the software two years ago and I’d almost forgotten just how fun it is to use.  The tools are extremely intuitive and features like the image imprint and color really allow you to express your creativity, when reliving Jack Nicholson’s Joker destroying famous works to the tune of Prince’s “Party Man”.  And, because the company behind Leopoly, Leonar3Do, has developed some awesome mixed reality tools, like 3D glasses and haptic modeling devices, this platform could be an essential tool as we shift to a more all-encompassing 3D ecosystem.  Be warned, though, your computer may not be fast enough to keep up with Leopoly and MMF.  Also, you’ll need a soundtrack as your messing around with this tool this weekend, so here ya go: