LAYWOO-D3: 3D Printed 'Wood'

3D printing wooden material has just taken a leap forward with LAYWOO-D3, a printable ‘wood’ for reprap-based 3D printers.

The new FDM filament is a wood/polymer composite (also referred to as WPC) and the objects 3D printed with it look remarkably realistic — they even have annual rings.

According to the creator, the features of LAYWOO-D3 include:

  • near zero warp
  • rough or smooth surface
  • printable tree rings
  • print temperature ranging form 185°C bright to 230°C dark color appearance
  • The filament contains 40% of recycled wood.

Have a look at the process in action:

GritWeiss_zug_3d printed wood laywoo-3d

lok_print_grau_3d printed wood laywoo-3d

lok_for_print_3d printed wood laywoo-3d

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