Kevvox Tree Support Adds a Valuable USP to its DLP 3D Printer Range

Rachel wrote, last year, about two DLP 3D printers from a company in Singapore called Kevvox. The printers seem to be ideal for small industrial purposes, especially when using their castable resin in the creation of moulds for jewellery, dental prosthetics and the like. Uniquely, the Kevvox 3D printers have built-in software, allowing them to act as standalone fabricators.  Simultaneously, however, the company has released its own modelling software to prepare objects for printing. Since the printer has been on the market for almost a year, the company has added a new feature to its software that gives Kevvox machines a great deal of appeal over other similar 3D printers.

ring 3d printingThe Kevvox K-Studio software now includes a feature called “Tree Support”. What tree support allows users to do, when preparing a 3D model for printing, is to create specialized support structures for an object. Though it is still possible to automatically generate support for an item, K-Studio also lets users draw more minimal support structures that can be easily broken off a printed object without causing any damage to the item itself. The tree support resembles what you might think, a broad trunk that grows into supporting branches that the user may place at specific points on a given model. The trunk and branches can be modified depending on the support desired and, upon printing, are easily removed. Cleanup becomes easier and you’ll waste less printing material in the process.

The semi-manual tree support building process seems fairly simple based on the video below. And, because K-Studio Will soon support five languages (English, Mandarin, French, Portuguese and Vietnamese) and new file formats, like SLC and PYL, the software may draw those thinking of purchasing a small, industrial 3D printer for their office to Kevvox’s own DLP machines.

Source: Kevvox