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Japanese 3D printing platform Rinkak to hold 3D printing design Contest

Japanese 3D printing platform Rinkak, which belongs to the Japanese start-up company Kabuku, announced on 16th August that it will jointly hold the LEVEL∞ AIR Vent Hole 3D printing design contest with Level Infinity.

3D lovers from all over the world could submit their 3D work designed for gaming console parts of LEVEL∞ AIR. The jury is made up of five people. They will review all the entries according to their originality, artistry, designability and several other criteria. The whole contest is divided into three categories, respectively the art, product and 2D graphics. Contestants are welcomed to participate in more than one category. The deadline for submitting is 18th October this year, and the final winners list will be announced in November.


The prize of the Contest is one million yen, of which half million yen goes to the first prize winner. Final winners’ work will be commercially supported by the host. Apart from this, all the contestants will be given a participation award no matter what their result is.

Contestants need to sign in for an account of Rinkak and submit their 3D designed work through the Japanese link or English link.


About Rinkak

Rinkak is a Japanese 3D printing platform founded in 2013. Rinkak has prepared the framework for new craftsmanship in which 3-D printing technology is employed. User are able to print their own 3D products through high-quality 3D printers as long as they upload their 3D data. Materials like the plastic, ceramic, metal and rubber are all supported. With the hope to connect the designers and users as much as possible, Rinkak is going to create more unique 3D printed products in the future.

So, are you ready for the Contest?