INTAMSYS enters Japan additive manufacturing market with Canon and Fusion Technology

INTAMSYS, the Shanghai-headquartered manufacturer of FUNMAT 3D printers, has announced its plans to enter the Japanese industrial additive manufacturing market.

Fusion Technology, a 3D printing design and services firm, will be INTAMSYS’ partner in the move, along with Canon Marketing Japan Inc. (TYO:8060).

As an office supplies subsidiary of multinational computer manufacturing corporation Canon, Canon Marketing Japan Inc. is a reseller for Fusion Technology products and will help promote INTAMSYS 3D printers throughout the region.

Industrial-grade plastics 3D printing

The INTAMSYS FUNMAT range of industrial-grade polymer 3D printers encompasses three machines: the FUNMAT PRO, suitable for working with fiber-reinforced materials, the FUNMAT PRO HT, for high-temperature thermoplastics, and the FUNMAT HT.

The FUNMAT HT was released in the U.S. at CES 2017, generating a great deal of interest due its compact footprint and ability to work with engineering-grade polymers PEEK, ULTEM and PPSU.

Recently, INTAMSYS successfully secured an undisclosed amount of Series A funding, led by manufacturing venture capital firm CWB Capital.

INTAMSYS PEKK material samples. Photo via INTAMSYS
INTAMSYS PEKK material samples. Photo via INTAMSYS


Mr. Inoue, CEO of Fusion Technology, credits INTAMSYS’ proven track record “delivering cutting-edge high performance material 3D printing” to customers around the world as the reason for partnership.

In addition, Mr. Inoue says, “More Japanese industrial manufacturers are increasingly embracing industrial additive manufacturing solutions for business-critical applications due to strong quality, high consistency and cost effectiveness.”

From June 20th to 22nd, INTAMSYS, Fusion Technology and Canon, will be co-exhibiting at the DMS Tokyo expo in Japan. For the first time in the country, visitors will be able to see the FUNMAT PRO HT and FUNMAT HT at the Fusion Technology booth East Hall, E20-30.

Find out more about INTAMSYS 3D printers, materials and services here.

See INTAMSYS 3D printers at the Fusion Technology booth at DMS Tokyo 2018. Photo via INTAMSYS
See INTAMSYS 3D printers at the Fusion Technology booth at DMS Tokyo 2018. Photo via INTAMSYS

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Featured image shows the INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT 3D printer. Photo via INTAMSYS