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CES 2017: New Intamsys PEEK 3D printer

The new FUNMAT HT is 3D printer from Shanghai 3D printing manufacturers Intamsys. It is a interesting development because the machine can print advanced thermoplastics materials such as Polyetheretherketone (PEEK). The 3D printer was unveiled in the 3D Printing Marketplace at CES 2017 this week.

Promo image of Intamsys' FUNMAT HT. Image via Intamsys.
Intamsys’ FUNMAT HT. Image via Intamsys.

PEEK increasingly used in 3D printing

PEEK is a lightweight yet extremely durable and strong thermoplastic. It is increasingly used by 3D printers now a number of key patents around the technology have expired. PEEK is a thermoplastic we at 3DPI believe will be featured more and more in the future and creates new possibilities for the use of additive manufactured objects. This is because the material enables the printing of more functional objects. For example, Californian company Spinal Elements are using PEEK to assist spinal surgery.

An example of a 3D printed object using PEEK material.
An example of a 3D printed object using PEEK material. Photo via Intamsys.

The (hot) end

PEEK as a 3D printing material can be quite difficult to work with. This is because the temperatures required are higher than ABS or PLA. The machine from Intamsys has a nozzle that can reach temperatures exceeding 400°C. In additional to PEEK the FDM machine can print ABS and other plastics.

The Intamsys FUNMAT HT. Image via Intamsys.
The Intamsys FUNMAT HT. Image via Intamsys.

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Featured image shows the FUNMAT HT 3D printer. Image via Intamsys.