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Industrial Supplies launches Smart3D Macro HT 3D printer – tech specs and pricing

Industrial Supplies, a subsidiary of the Smart International Group, has announced that it will launch its new Smart3D Macro HT 3D printer at the Formnext Connect trade show. 

The latest iteration of the firm’s Macro series, features an upgraded actively heated build chamber, that is designed to provide a high level of thermal stability and yield “high performance parts.” Industry Supplies’ “production ready” machines are also characterized by four configurable build chambers, enabling users to switch from prototyping to “mass production” applications on-demand. 

According to Roberto Gawianski, CEO of Industry Supplies, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to exhibit the potential of 3D printing as an alternative to traditional supply chain solutions. “In a disruptive year for industries around the world, additive manufacturing continues to offer alternatives for local manufacturing,” said Gawianski. 

“We’re happy that the show [Formnext] helps us bring our products to a virtual audience and become inspired by other companies’ innovative applications.”

“Ever-increasing material possibilities and customer needs drive our focus to create additive manufacturing solutions that serve the industrial workplace and accelerate Industry 4.0.”  

Industrial Supplies' new Macro HT system features an upgraded actively heated build chamber. Photo via Industrial Supplies.
Industrial Supplies’ new Macro HT system features an upgraded actively heated build chamber. Photo via Industrial Supplies.

Smart International in the 3D printing industry 

Smart International is a group of technology companies that are focused on advancing 3D printing, and developing an “ecosystem of solutions” for professional clients. The conglomerate is actually Kodak’s 3D printing global brand licensee, and it designed and manufactured the Kodak Portrait amongst others. 

Working as a sister company to Smart International, Industrial Supplies focuses on the development of its Smart3D brand of industrial systems. Until last month, the company’s portfolio consisted only of a range of engineering filaments, but it has since launched the first iteration of its 3D printer line: the Macro

The new system was launched as both a Prototyping Unit (PU), and a Production Module (PM) comprising four chambers, which allowed clients to select the form factor that best suited their needs. Now, with the launch of its ‘HT’ variant just one month later, Industrial Supplies is marketing an upgraded version, which is designed to target its more industrial clientele. 

The Smart3D Macro Production Module. Photo via Industrial Supplies.
The original Smart3D Macro’s Production Module. Photo via Industrial Supplies.

The new Smart3D Macro HT system

The most notable update to the original Macro, is the HT’s actively heated 200°C build chamber, which ensures a thermal stability that’s crucial to optimizing the extrusion process. For instance, printing at a polymer’s glass transition temperature enhances its layer adhesion and isotropic strength, while crystalline plastics are prone to contraction in unstable conditions. 

In terms of their 350 x 350 x 400mm build volumes, and wide material compatibility including PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM and PPSU, there’s no difference between Industrial Supplies’ Macro and ‘HT’ iterations. Similarly, Macro HT customers can also continue to use the company’s Smart3D Cloud system, which allows users to carry out monitoring or management processes remotely. 

Where the Macro HT does feature an improvement, is in its beltless motion system, which utilizes ball screws to enable an XY motion, resulting in enhanced accuracy as well as less machine down time. Tying into the company’s “production ready” focus, the machine also features four distinct build chambers, that can be pre-programmed to produce parts in repeated batches. 

By customizing the printer’s individual modules, clients can now switch between the firm’s previous PU to PM functions without changing systems. What’s more, given that the Macro printers share the same hardware platform, users can still take advantage of the original’s software and material benefits, as well as harnessing the updated chamber and motion system on the ‘HT.’ 

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the Smart3D Macro HT system. Interested parties can either attend the company’s Formnext presentation, or contact Industrial Supplies directly for a quote.

Build volume 350 x 350 x 400mm
Nozzle temperature 500°C
Chamber temperature 200°C (actively controlled)
Print head Dual extrusion (automatic nozzle lifting)
Bed leveling Automatic
In-built camera Yes- with live monitoring
Air filtration HEPA filter with activated carbon
Connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC
Smart3D dry-feeds Moisture control and advanced sensors
Display 7″ capacative touchscreen
Weight 82kg
Printer dimensions 890 x 800 x 1160mm
Supplied software Smart3D Slicer, Smart3D Cloud, Smart3D LAN

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Featured image shows Industrial Supplies’ new Macro HT 3D printer. Image via Industrial Supplies.