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Identify3D partners with EOS and Siemens to integrate secure data transfer in 3D printing ecosystem

Identify3D, a San Francisco-headquartered software company, has announced it has signed an OEM partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software, the automation and digitalization software branch of industrial manufacturing company Siemens

This partnership will enable the integration of Identify3D’s security suite within Siemens’ software solutions. Both companies aim to support customers in creating automated, end-to-end, secure and controllable manufacturing data distribution across multiple control systems and production equipment.

 “Through a standardized data model and end-to-end integration, Siemens customers can lower operating costs by interacting more efficiently with machines,” explains Fabrizio De Pasquale, VP Business Development and Strategic Accounts at Identify3D.

“In addition, with secure data and enforceable process policies, they can realize more automated and regulated production both for in-house operations as well as for distributed scenarios.”

Additionally, Identify3D has also provided an update on its collaboration with leading German 3D printing OEM EOS. Showcased at Formnext 2019 last week, Identify3D’s secure and standardized communication solution has also been paired with EOS’ additive manufacturing machines. 

A factory of EOS machines. Photo via EOS.
A factory of EOS machines. Photo via EOS.

Creating an integrated machine interface with secure data transfer

Within an end-to-end digital manufacturing process chain, the Identify3D suite integrates intellectual property protection, manufacturing repeatability, and traceability to counter security threats and to protect confidentiality and integrity of data. This is carried out through three applications. Firstly, with Identify3D Protect, users are able to create a cloud-based encryption service for build files and group them with business and production licensing rules.

Then, Identify3D Manage enables the secure digital distribution of these assets. Finally, Identify3D Enforce authenticates and decrypts the secure container and implements the business and production rules during manufacturing. 

In its newly announced partnership with Siemens, customers can now utilize an integrated solution of the Identify3D suite with NX, Teamcenter and Opcenter software. Siemens software users are therefore able to create encrypted data containers filled with instructions for the operation of additive manufacturing machines, as well as subtractive technologies. These instructions include machine parameters, machine type, operator privileges, number of parts allowed, and more. Once the 3D printer receives the container, it is unencrypted by the machine, and production begins.

The containers can be traced through the digital manufacturing operation, with every action affecting it displayed in a dashboard for full visibility of the production process. Both Identify3D and Siemens have been working with a number of 3D printer OEMs in order to create integrated machine interfaces that supports secure data transfer. Recently, 3D printer manufacturers like Renishaw and SLM Solutions have partnered with Identify3D to integrate the company’s security suite into their 3D printing workflow. Both partnerships have been established to secure data and protect intellectual property (IP) in additive manufacturing.

“Following a multiyear partnership with Siemens, we are very happy to make one further step towards a broader commercialization of our solution. We are very keen on bringing a key innovative addition to the Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio and excited to support their global sales organization,” added Fabrizio De Pasquale.

Digital files protected by Identify3D can only be manufactured with an authenticated machine. Image via Identify3D.
Digital files protected by Identify3D can only be manufactured with an authenticated machine. Image via Identify3D.

Securing the additive manufacturing ecosystem

EOS and Identify3D’s partnership began in 2016, where they opted to collaborate in order to support EOS machine users needing an automated, end-to-end, secure and controllable data distribution/collection. Identify3D has used the EOS Software Development Kits, EOSPRINT and EOSCONNECT, to develop an integrated Digital Rights Management solution. This creates added security for EOS machine customers along the shop floor as it gives the user control over distributed manufacturing data. 

Using CAD/CAM applications, customers are now able to create the encrypted data containers for EOS 3D printers to consume for production, along with the instructions for how the data is to be used. Transactions and machine data can then be traced and collected into the digital thread of the 3D printed part. 

Rüdiger Herfrid, Product Line Business Owner EOSPRINT, comments: “EOS has taken a strong lead in developing partnerships that enrich the additive manufacturing ecosystem and has recognized data control and traceability as one of the key topics for AM. Identify3D is a partner who optimally uses the open EOS interfaces of EOSPRINT and EOSCONNECT to develop a fully integrated workflow solution for EOS customers.”

Demonstrating a focus on security in the 3D printing ecosystem, EOS has also recently entered into a Digital Rights Management agreement with security technology specialist Wibu-Systems. Together, the companies have developed an API enabling Wibu-Systems and other DRM vendors to securely connect with EOS machines

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Featured image shows visual of an EOS metal additive manufacturing factory. Pictured in red are the automated guided vehicles that transport builds between stages of the process. Image via EOS