3D Printing

All Hail the Unholy 3D Printed Cross!

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m not always impressed by 3D printed artwork, or artwork in general, for that matter. I’ve been jaded by the art world after going to CalArts and, also, spending too much time on the Internet. But this is one 3D printed sculpture that is too metal to ignore.

unholy cross 3d printed on an Ultimaker 2

Andrew Jerez’s Unholy Cross is reminiscent of the crowdsourced Baphomet monument that the Satanic Temple hopes to erect in front of Oklahoma’s State Capitol, alongside the ten commandments. A Satanic masterpiece decorated in skulls, a pentagram, and fake gems, the Unholy Cross is rich with enough dark imagery to make any black metalhead drool.

making the 3D printed unholy cross

The cross, Jerez’s first large-scale art piece, was made in sections completely on his Ultimaker 2 3D printer. The designer ran into a number of problems, but believes that his sculpture could not have been made with any other technology and that 3D printing such pieces will only get better, saying, “I’m anticipating the very near future where this process will only be more fluid and creative.

Outside of the dark arts, Jerez is an accomplished digital designer who has done visual work for such big names as Nine Inch Nails, IBM, Puma, and Aflac. Though the art he made for his corporate clients feature no obviously Satanic elements, the forces of evil are clearly there (don’t forget that ‘life insurance’ is a euphemism for ‘death insurance’). As the Dark Lord’s pieces fall into place, will we see such images as Baphomet selling us computers and tracksuits. Muahahahaha!

Source: Behance