GPAINNOVA America and Xact Metal team up to offer comprehensive metal 3D printing solutions

GPAINNOVA subsidiary, GPAINNOVA America has partnered with Xact Metal to offer a comprehensive solution for metal 3D printing, spanning from the initial design phase to the production of finished products.

At the core of this partnership is the integration of GPAINNOVA’s DryLyte Technology, a patented dry electropolishing method, as a post-processing solution for Xact Metal’s metal 3D printers. This integration holds the potential of simplifying and enhancing the metal 3D printing process, making it more accessible to a wider range of organizations, regardless of their size or resources.

“We are eager to expand our knowledge of how the manufacturing industry integrates the Xact Metal technology into its daily fabrication environment,” says Jesús Contreras, Business Developer at GPAINNOVA America. “Xact Metal has developed a unique market strategy that creates synergies similar to GPAINNOVA’s; combining our expertise, we can shape the proper perspective for the AM adopters and have a final product to fulfill their needs.” 

Metal 3D printed component. Photo via Xact Metal.
Metal 3D printed component. Photo via Xact Metal.

An innovative approach to automation and efficiency

Employing a holistic strategy, the partnership between GPAINNOVA America and Xact Metal integrates automation as a pivotal element, aiming to streamline manufacturing and finishing processes. By digitizing manual labor, particularly in environments like dental laboratories, this collaboration aims to enhance efficiency, elevate safety standards, and potentially lower operational costs for organizations adopting metal 3D printing solutions.

Reduced polishing time, facilitated by the DryLyte Technology, promises to streamline production timelines and improve overall efficiency. Additionally, the integration of this technology with Xact Metal’s 3D printers could lead to faster printing speeds compared to traditional methods, further enhancing productivity. 

“We are very excited to begin this partnership with GPAINNOVA to offer a full solution from design to finished part using their patented wet and dry electro-polishing,” says Xact Metal CEO, Juan Mario Gomez. “It allows the customer to automate the finishing process, reducing the need for manual labor and saving them time.”

Xact Metal's metal 3D printers. Photo via Xact Metal.
Xact Metal’s metal 3D printers. Photo via Xact Metal.

In the past, Xact Metal partnered with System Create Co. to expand access to cost-effective metal 3D printing in Japan. This alliance was aimed at democratizing metal 3D printing technology, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. The partnership sought to offer economical solutions and comprehensive technical support, making metal 3D printing more accessible and practical for a wider range of users in Japan.

A while before that, Artificial intelligence (AI) software firm Oqton worked with Xact Metal, to integrate its AM solutions and provide cost-effective automation and comprehensive process control. This partnership facilitated the use of metal AM in various industries for both research and production purposes, serving the needs of users across different expertise levels, from entry-level engineers to seasoned experts.

Metal AM picks up pace through strategic partnerships

Last year in November, Nikon SLM Solutions and Materialise collaborated to optimize Materialise Build Processors (BPs) for Nikon SLM Solutions’ 3D printers, meeting the rising demand for improved part quality, competitive pricing, and faster production. This partnership integrated Nikon SLM’s NXG 3D printers seamlessly into the Materialise CO-AM platform, offering manufacturers enhanced capabilities for metal additive manufacturing of end-use components

Compatible with NXG machines and SLM users, Materialise BPs streamline data preparation, enabling personalized process parameters and protecting intellectual property. This collaboration facilitates direct machine connectivity via SLM.Link to Materialise CO-AM, supporting diverse solutions for AM workflows from order to delivery.

On another front, multinational printing firm HP partnered with industry leaders Sandvik, GKN Additive, and Elnik’s DSH Technologies to improve its Metal Jet technology. These partnerships were aimed at expanding material availability and tooling innovations. GKN Additive and HP focused on qualifying materials for Metal Jet S100, targeting precision tooling. 

HP collaborated with Elnik Systems to develop specialized furnaces crucial for Metal Jet advancement. Working with Parmatech and Endeavor 3D, Sandvik and HP collaborated to develop new materials for metal 3D printing and also providing customers with tailored development programs.

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Featured image shows a metal 3D printed component. Photo via Xact Metal.