Xact Metal partners with System Create Co. to bring affordable metal 3D printing to Japan

Powder bed fusion 3D printer manufacturer Xact Metal has announced an exclusive sales and service partnership with System Create Co.

By forming this alliance, the goal is to broaden the availability of cost-effective metal 3D printing to small and medium-sized enterprises while also distributing additive manufacturing across Japan. Xact Metal’s CEO Juan Mario Gomez said, “At Xact Metal, we’re establishing a new level of price and performance in metal 3D printing by taking the essential specs of metal additive manufacturing and combining them with breakthrough technology.”

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Xact Metal to introduce a low-priced metal 3D printer that is relatively easy to incorporate in Japan,” states Hiroki Iwai, Marketing Lead for System Create Co.

Xact Metal Expands Into Japan. Photo via Xact Metal.
Xact Metal expands into Japan. Photo via Xact Metal.

Accessing affordable metal 3D printing

Offering advanced manufacturing solutions, System Create Co. includes 3D printers, 3D scanners from global brands, traditional manufacturing products, and software systems in its portfolio. Backed by three decades of experience in 3D printing, the team at System Create Co. will provide adept technical support and maintenance for Xact Metal printers. Xact Metal’s mission, facilitated by its partnership with System Create Co., is to break down financial barriers, enabling the widespread adoption of metal 3D technology.

Iwai points out that Xact Metal’s printers offer a cost-effective alternative, priced at less than half of traditional metal SLS 3D printers, with a compact installation requirement. Furthermore, these printers support the use of third-party materials, contributing to economical operations.

In August of this year, artificial intelligence (AI) software firm Oqton joined forces with Xact Metal, aiming to integrate its AM solutions and provide cost-effective automation and comprehensive process control. This partnership will assist a wide range of users, spanning from entry-level engineers to seasoned experts, enabling them to harness the advantages of metal AM in diverse industries for both research and production purposes.

Metal 3D printing process. Photo via Xact Metal.
Metal 3D printed parts. Photo via Xact Metal.

Metal 3D printing expansion

Oil and gas firm Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Technology (SBOT) acquired Velo3D‘s Sapphire XC large-format 3D printer. SBOT is utilizing this metal additive manufacturing system to expand its capabilities, focusing on Inconel 718 metal parts. This acquisition addresses the growing demand for 3D printed components. The Sapphire XC 3D printer, known for its advanced features, significantly boosts SBOT’s manufacturing capacity, enabling efficient production of large volumes of components while optimizing costs. It boasts a 3D printing capacity of up to 600 mm in diameter and 550 mm in height.

German automaker Volkswagen Group expanded its metal 3D printing capabilities with the acquisition of a second MetalFAB system from Netherlands-based manufacturer Additive Industries. Volkswagen further invested in parameter development, integrating MetalFAB’s Powder Load Tool and Powder Recovery Station to boost efficiency and reduce waste. The MetalFAB system features full-field lasers and automated build changeovers, enhancing productivity and enabling lights-out operations. Volkswagen’s choice to expand its MetalFAB portfolio stemmed from the 3D printer’s automation, eliminating manual processes and improving safety. Additionally, the system’s modularity permits Volkswagen to expand production capacity without substantial investments.

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Featured image shows metal 3D printed parts. Photo via Xact Metal.