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3D Hubs Celebrates 20 Years of Pokémon with Low Poly Collection

At my youthful age of 25, I remember when all of the Pokémon hype was just beginning like it was yesterday. You know, back when there was only a total of 50 mystical creatures, kids carried their trading cards around as if they were a part of their body, and Pikachu became the new mascot for an entire generation. When I stumbled across the Low-Poly Squirtle 3D model, created by Flowalistik on Thingiverse just last week, I received a rush of nostalgia and just had to print it out. Now, as the Pokémon hype resurfaces, thanks to its 20th anniversary, Flowalistik is launching all nine of his designed Pokemon creatures on 3D Hubs as the Low-Poly Pokemon Collection.


The files for these 3D models are still free to download, but for those without access to a 3D printer, the collection can be purchased on 3D Hubs. The collection features nine Pokemon creatures, including classics such as Pikachu, Squirtle, and Charmander. Flowalistik is takes on a geometrically-driven, low-poly design, which actually works to enable higher quality prints of these recognizable and lovable characters. Each model slightly varies in size, but they all fit together like a true collection should, as the low-poly style gives each creature a high-quality design twist that invokes the classic Pokémon video game.


“The Low Poly Pokemon project started as a challenge,” says Flowalistik. “I wanted to try to transform the low-quality graphics the first Pokemon video games had into a 3D model. I focused this project on 3D printing, as the low poly style allows 3d printers to create high-quality models avoiding all the limitations.”


If you’re looking to 3D Hubs to help you acquire the Low-Poly Pokémon Collection, the price point is obviously dependent on the material and 3D printing hub that is selected. But as far as the Squirtle I printed just last week goes, dark blue PLA worked like a charm. It’s great to see the 3D printing community show some love for a game that helped expand my imagination 20 years ago, and though the 20th anniversary of Pokémon certainly has me feeling old, there was still a youthful part of me that was revived when Squirtle rose from the surface of the print bed. Thanks to Flowalistik’s refreshing take on the design of these classic Pokemon, I may just have to go ahead and print em all! Here’s the Squirtle I just so happened to 3D print myself last week!

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.57.28 PM