3D Printing

Get Your Fashion Advice from a 3D Printed Lindsey Wixson MODOLL

When it comes to the newest popular trends in the high-end fashion world, one can usually infer what’s in by watching the industry’s most renowned supermodels hit the runways in cities such as New York City, Milan, and Paris. New York City-based fashion photographers Santiago & Mauricio are taking one of the world’s most popular supermodels, Lindsey Wixson, and transforming 3D scans of her into 3D printed dolls. The project displays the supermodel in various high-end garments from top design collections designed by the likes of Prada, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, and Saint Laurent.


The process of 3D scanning the model and printing Lindsey Wixson via a high resolution resin 3D printer took the team of photographers over a year to produce, and they brought in a lot of help to make this project possible. Santiago & Mauricio collaborated with model reps at The Society Management, custom doll makers at AY collective, stylist Charolette Stockdale, and, last but not least, Fauxograph, the 3D technology studio used to help manufacture the dolls.

3dprinting_modoll4The 3D scanning process produced finely detailed features from the supermodel Lindsey Wixson, yet still resulted in doll-like facial features that forever remain prepared to be displayed on the runway. The team went so far as to hire a wig hair stylist and makeup artist, trying to replicate the exact look of Wixson (and perhaps someday more potential candidates of the supermodel doll squad) from head to toe. The miniaturized wardrobe is inspired by various seasons of designer collections, stitched as a perfect replica for the 20-inch 3D printed models.

The creative team behind the project plans to sell these 3D printed, Wixson-based dolls at some point this September through their website, marketing them under the name MODOLL. The MODOLL project is taking high-end fashion to a scale that it has yet to shrink into. With the help of the 3D printing technology of Fauxograph, along with the rest of their creative team, Santiago & Mauricio has made a remarkably small, yet impactful statement to the fashion world.