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Formnext 2017 news digest, Intamsys, Stratasys, Materialise and SLM Solutions

Even with three members of the 3D Printing Industry team in Frankfurt last week, we still didn’t have time to visit ever single exhibitor. In this article we bring you some more news from the largest 3D printing show of 2017.

Our news digest of Formnext 2017 releases features LINK3D, INTAMSYS, NXT Factory, Stratasys, Mass Portal, SLM Solutions, ABM, ESUN, ZYYX, Raise3D and Flam3D.


Shanghai-based 3D printer manufacturer INTAMSYS launched its INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO HT FFF 3D printer at formnext 2017. The FUNMAT PRO HT is the latest 3D printer from INTAMSYS and follows the launch of the FUNMAT HT desktop 3D printer earlier this year, and like its predecessor, it is named after the high-performance FUNctional MATerials that it prints.

The FUNMAT PRO HT specializes in 3D printing large format end-use parts in PEEK, PEI ULTEM and PPSU, with its build volume of 450mm x 450mm x 600mm. The launch was complemented by a presentation from INTAMSYS Marketing Director Chun Pin Lim, who explained the metal-replacing applications of semi-crystalline and amorphous polymers 3D printed by the INTAMSYS machines.

INTAMSYS at formnext 2017.
INTAMSYS at formnext 2017.

SLM goes further afield

German additive manufacturing specialist, SLM Solutions has expanded its operations to South Africa, after adding Metal Heart, Additive Technology Africa to its dealership network. Potential customers in South Africa will receive additive manufacturing advisory services and the full range of 3D printers through Metal Heart, which already distributes the SLM 280 3D printer.

SLM Solutions also boasted an order for its SLM 800 machines totalling €37 million on the first day of Formnext 2017. The company gave no specific details of their customer other than that they were “from the energy sector with headquarters in Asia.” 

SLM Solutions SLM 800 3D printer. Photo via SLM Solutions.
SLM Solutions SLM 800 3D printer. Photo via SLM Solutions.

LINK3D in good time, Stratasys in full colour

Software company LINK3D launched its SCHEDUL3D production scheduling software. The software adds to its existing Digital Factory software, that enables managing timeframes and efficiencies of 3D manufactured products. 

Stratasys announced that its GrabCAD Voxel Print software will be available for its J750 3D printers, allowing “true voxel level control during the design and 3D printing process”. This will enable prints on the PolyJet 3D printer to have “advanced structures, gradient color patterns, internal properties and textures.” It will be useful in applications ranging from animation to product design.

3D printed model of cancellous bone tissue using GrabCAD. Photo via Stratasys.
3D printed model of cancellous bone tissue using GrabCAD. Photo via Stratasys.

20/20 vision from ABM and Flam3D

ABM (Additive Brillen Manufaktur) is a producer of additively manufactured eyewear, and claims to be first specialized 3D printed eyewear manufacturer in the world. involving parts sourced from Formrise, EOS and YOUMAWO. Eyewear is initially designed in 2D through a consultation process, with the customer guided through 3D printing and post-production of frames. All optometry is also completed in-house.

Flam3D has launched its “Family of the Future” project at formnext 2017. Bringing together 30 additive manufacturing companies, Flam3D displayed models of a man, woman and child made with 3D printed electronic, ceramic and metal parts. The dual purpose of the “Family of the Future” is to both show how 3D printing affects all aspects of our lives, and also to demonstrate the 3D printing ecosystem that Flam3D operates within.

New technology from NXT Factory and Mass Portal 

NXT Factory has announced the completion of a crucial phase of its upcoming “Quantum Laser Sintering” technology. This is the development of its beam deliver system, which converts single laser into several million micro-lasers, without power degradation. NXT Factory hopes to eventually replace traditional injection molding of plastic parts with its technology.

Mass Portal launched a filament drying system for open-materials desktop 3D printers. The system features a dehumidifier, preset drying settings, replaceable HEPA/active carbon filters and overheating and surge protectors.

Filament drying from Mass Portal. Photo via Mass Portal.
Filament drying from Mass Portal. Photo via Mass Portal.

Raise3D, ZYXX, and Materialise forge new partnerships

Raise3D is teaming up with Covestro, a high-tech polymer material developer to showcase a variety of 3D printing applications at ChinaCoat 2017 in Shanghai. Covestro is to develop materials suitable for a range of applications, to “speed up the commercialization of new 3D printing applications.”

An agreement between Swedish OEM ZYYX 3D Printer and Shenzhen-based distributor Esun Industrial will see the latter become the exclusive distributor of the ZYYX Pro 3D printer in China. The target applications of ZYXX’s 3D printers is the production of prototypes, jigs and fixtures.

Belgian OEM Materialise announced new 3D Printing partnerships with SYNNEX and Simufact. The agreement with distributor SYNNEX will allow it to sell a Materialise software together with HP’s MultiJet Fusion 3D printer as a bundle, while the agreement with software company Simulfact will give Materialise customers a license to use Simulfact Additive’s print simulation software.

Covestro at formnext 2017. Photo via Raise3D.
Covestro at formnext 2017. Photo via Raise3D.

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Featured image shows Messe Frankfurt, home to formnext 2017. Photo by Michael Petch.