3D Printers

Formlabs Presents the Form 2 3D Printer, Available Today

After having – almost single-handedly – revolutionized the world of photopolymer-based 3D printing, Formlabs is ready to revolutionize itself by introducing the first real complete evolution of its Form 1 SLA 3D printer.  The Form 2, presented to the world today through two events held concurrently in Boston, where Formlabs has its headquarters (currently being livestreamed on the Formlabs website), and the Euromold fair in Dusseldorf, is the first step towards a more intuitive, connected, and bigger era of one-click, high-resolution resin 3D printing.


“Through building the Form 1 and Form 1+, we’ve learned that professional engineers, designers, and creators need access to powerful, easy-to use systems,” said Max Lobovsky, co-founder of Formlabs. “We believe that this is the ‘next wave’ of the 3D printing industry: high resolution output with a simple user experience packaged in a desktop footprint. In many ways, 3D printing technology is following a similar path to the desktop computer. It started with mainframes, was adopted by the hobbyist and then evolved into the powerful desktop machines everyone uses today. The Form 2 represents the next wave of 3D printing technology.”

Form-2-printed-parts-2Among the main highlights, in addition to the exterior restyling, the Form 2 offers a 40% larger print volume, a 50% more powerful laser for faster prints, better resolution, and even a new printing process that will enable, through a new sliding peel mechanism, wiper, and heated resin tank, the 3D printing of large, solid parts with intricate details.


The other sensational news concerns two other important aspects related to the 3D printing creative cycle: consumables and software. Both have been designed to be even more immediate than before. The first through a new cartridge system which will fill the tray automatically, thus limiting the risk of contact with external light. The second will optimize the files for printing through a new, fully-automated process for 1-click 3D printing.


Finally it will be now possible to connect the 3D printer to your Wi-Fi for remote use and – at the same time – check out the prints and the printer directly from the integrated, color touch screen. The news that everyone wanted to hear, though is that the Form 2 is already available today and – above all – that is has been released at the same price as the Form 1: €3,299. Phase two of the desktop 3D printing era can now begin.