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FlashForge USA teases flash Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

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Desktop 3D printer manufacturer FlashForge USA has teased plans to launch flash sales on some of its most sought-after systems this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Though FlashForge USA hasn’t divulged what exactly these “mystery deals” will include ahead of the promotion, it has revealed that it’s planning “hefty discounts” on some of its best sellers.

Machines such as the Artemis, Creator Max 2 and Adventurer 3 V2 are all set to be discounted in the near future, making these beginner and heavier-duty dual extruder machines, more accessible than ever before. 

Once launched, customers can access FlashForge USA’s flash sale here.

The FlashForge USA flash sale site. Image FlashForge USA.
The FlashForge USA flash sale site. Image FlashForge USA.

Desktop 3D printing at FlashForge USA

Founded in 2013, FlashForge USA specializes in developing desktop 3D printers and 3D printing materials around its core tenets of accessibility and reliability. Over the last nine years, the firm’s offering has found applications everywhere from print farms to design studios, in the fields of engineering, education, medical, industry and architecture. 

Until recently, this portfolio has been made up of accessibility-led machines such as the Adventurer 3 and Adventurer 4, as well as mid-range 3D printers like the Creator Max and Creator 3 Pro. The firm changed course in 2021 with the launch of the higher-spec Creator 4, featuring a large 400 x 350 x 500mm build volume and a IIDEX (Interchangeable Independent Dual Extruder System). 

Since launch, its new flagship system has found consumer goods, electronics, healthcare, and tooling applications, and FlashForge USA continues to support it with ancillaries. For instance, to help adopters meet demanding use cases, the firm has launched a Filament Humidor Cabinet, designed to store moisture-sensitive materials and ensure print reliability within business environments. 

Elsewhere, on the dental side of its portfolio, FlashForge USA has also introduced the Hunter S. Thanks to its powerful Texas Instruments light engine, the system is able to print dental splints, guides, crowns and bridges with a high degree of reliability and quality from a range of third-party resins, including those developed by NextDent and Dentona

FlashForge USA's Hunter S 3D printer. Image via FlashForge USA.
FlashForge USA’s Hunter S 3D printer. Image via FlashForge USA.

What’s going to be on discount? 

Interestingly, FlashForge USA has opted to introduce offers on machines with three different capability sets as part of its upcoming promotion. The first of these, the orange version of the newly-launched Artemis, will essentially drop the price of a system that’s already designed from the ground up to meet the needs of those just getting started with 3D printing. 

That said, the Artemis’ accessibility doesn’t come at the expense of productivity, and it comes fitted with a direct drive extruder system that can be heated to 260°C (500°F). This ensures smooth feeding, especially when using flexible polymers like TPUs, while extending its material compatibility and potential applications. The Artemis’ 190 x 195 x 200 mm build volume is also more than sufficient for everyday needs, while its swappable plate allows users to customize it where needed. 

With the Adventurer 3 V2, the firm is discounting a scaled-back, lightweight, and compact consumer-grade system. The machine not only ships with a steel nozzle that can be removed with one clip, and rapidly heats up to 200°C (392°F) in just 50 seconds, but it comes with an extra build plate and nozzle accessories as well. 

FlashForge USA's Artemis 3D printer. Image via FlashForge.
FlashForge USA’s Artemis 3D printer. Image via FlashForge.

As with the Artemis, the system’s attachments allow users to switch things up depending on their application, whether they require 0.3mm or 0.4mm nozzles, or those with the ability to extrude materials at 240℃ or 265℃. To make it easy to use, the unit doesn’t require build plate leveling either, and it comes with auto-feeding via an enclosed filament cartridge, a feature designed to ensure print reliability. 

The third machine going on offer is the Creator Max 2, a more capable system with independent dual extruders and a fully-enclosed build chamber. Thanks to the former, users are able to double their throughput, by manufacturing either mirrored or duplicated parts side-by-side on the same flexible, removable build plate. 

Of the three units going on sale, the Creator Max 2’s build plate can reach the highest temperature at 120°C (248°F), while the system itself also features a distinctive metal frame. According to FlashForge USA, this “provides stability during printing” as well as improving accuracy. All in all, the machine offers a great entry point to IDEX technology, and when on offer, it will only become more accessible. 

The FlashForge Creator Max 2. Photo via FlashForge.
The FlashForge Creator Max 2. Photo via FlashForge USA.

FlashForge USA’s flash promotion

For the time being, details on FlashForge USA’s deals remain thin on the ground, but those interested in taking advantage won’t have to wait long to find out more.

Once launched, the company’s fall promotions are only set to be available on the Artemis Orange, Creator Max 2 and Adventurer 3 V2 for a limited time, from November 25-28, 2022. 

Interested in discovering more about the firm’s portfolio? Check out the FlashForge USA website for a full breakdown on its 3D printing offering, and the FlashForge USA flash sale here.

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Featured image shows a student engineer using an Adventurer 3 V2 3D printer. Photo via FlashForge USA.