Open source announce contest

There were a lot of exciting announcements at the TCT Show held at the end of September, and were among those who had great news for us. The Belgium based company, who gathers FDM filaments and distributors on a single website, have announced a contest beginning on the 8th of October.


The website itself is all kinds of awesome, with drop down menus with what you need out of materials helping direct you to the perfect filament. With thousands of filaments in the database, it whittles down the options to a handful based on your specifications. So what could be added to make this system even better? 3D printer settings sharing.

Every printer is different, and every filament is different as well. is launching a 3D printing setting sharing feature. This will allow enthusiasts to create and share personalized printing profiles, which will be based off the specific printer and filament used. Anyone who is working with a new printer or filament knows that it takes time and testing to get the perfect print. Materials and time are wasted, and this new feature will eliminate both of these losses. The users’ print settings will be shared under this creative commons licence.

The contest

To celebrate the launch of this feature, and to get the ball rolling, have announced a one month long Filament Settings contest. The contest will ask users to enter their print settings for a chance to win amazing prizes that have a total value of over 4,000 Euros. These prizes include:

  • 2 x Wanhao I3 PLUS printer
  • 8 x box of 4kg Colorfabb CO-POLYESTER
  • 20 x 1kg spools of Extrudr BDP
  • 5 x box of 4kg Innofil PRO1.

The rules for the contest are quite simple: each valid print settings equals one chance to win, which means that the more you share, the more of a chance you will have at winning one of the prizes!

“I need every 3D printing owner to put their best settings on The goal is to lower the time losses, enhance success rate, lower the technical barrier to entry. This will be a huge enhancement for all the 3D printing community,” says Gauthier de Valensart, founder of

The contest begins on the 8th of October, and marks the beginning of a user-driven 3D printing filament community. With enough quality uploaded settings, printing can be optimized to become more reliable, easier and less time consuming. The best settings will be consolidated into big data to create a database of the best profiles for every 3D printer.

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