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Eat Like Elven Royalty with Francis Bitonti’s Metal 3D Printed Flatware

No one has implemented 3D printing technology into the fashion industry quite like NYC-based designer Francis Bitonti, who is becoming a household name due to his use of emerging technologies, such as 3D printing, algorithmic design generation, and smart materials to make innovative fashion statements. From Dita Von Teese’s 3D printed gown to his Mutatio 3D Printed Shoe Collection, the Francis Bitonti Studio has not only proven that 3D printing technology can be used in fashion, but it can be used very tastefully as well. Now, Bitonti seems to be taking his mind off of what we wear (for the moment at least) and focusing in on what we eat with at the dining room table.

Using the power of metal 3D printing and algorithmic generated design, the Francis Bitonti Studio has just released the ‘Setae Flatware’ collection, which features five pieces of metal utensils. The uniquely interwoven design seems to be inspired by Elven and Celtic folklore, looking fit for use at a royal Medieval dining table. Each piece of the flatware set is made up of a similar strand-based design that lands right in between uniqueness and functionality. After the metal 3D printed flatware is produced, a sterling silver finish is added to give it a shiny veneer.

Francis Bitonti
Francis Bitonti

Four independent strands cohere and separate creating a landscape of fibers nestled into the hand, the studio says of the Setae Flatware design. “The separation and cohesion of these long linear elements is used to produces local difference to beautifully satisfy the demands of a functional set of flatware.


Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a retail source for the Setae Flatware set as of yet, but you can check out the rest of the Francis Bitonti Studio’s tech-influenced design work on their website. Though the 3D printed flatware remains unavailable at the moment, the NYC-based designer’s work is foretelling a future where emerging technologies such as 3D printing are used to enhance what we wear and use on a daily basis. Hopefully, Bitonti will release the metal 3D printed flatware for purchase soon, so we can all gather at the dinning room table to dine as if we’re in the court of majestic Elven royalty.