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Dubliners to Receive Post-Modern Modernism: TechShop Plans 3D Printing Workshop in Dublin

The 3D printing workshop sprouts in Ireland. American initiative TechShop will bring its workshop network space replete with expertise in software and creative tools common to the industry to DCU’s Innovation Campus in Glasnevin, Dublin 9. The main attraction of the workshop is the ability to use professional manufacturing equipment for any purpose spawned in the mind of a member paying low-cost fees. 3DPI has covered the workshop phenomena before and hopefully TechShop’s venture proves fruitful and informative for the Irish locale.

In an effort to synergize with local 3D printing efforts, TechShop aims to include Mcor Technologies. The paper-based 3D printer company has  its roots in Ireland and could provide a native stability and familiarity for potential workshop enthusiasts. Acutely aware of the need for local accommodations, DCU’s executive director of their Innovation Campus, Ryan Furlong, said, “Wherever they go, the workshops tend to have a slightly different flavour depending on the local industrial landscape, So obviously equipment of interest to bigger sectors here – medical devices, agri-tech, clean energy, etc – will be reflected in TechShop Dublin.”

techshop 3D Printing

As implementation nears, the sound-bite continues to be “democratizing”. The expressed intention from all parties involved professes the accessibility and education of 3D printing for any interested at any level of awareness and capability. It is an admirable goal and hopefully functions as the central dogma for this workshop and future endeavours. Speaking from experience in Philadelphia, Dr. Conor MacCormack of Mcor Technologies illustrated the point. “Individuals and novices do take advantage of these types of initiatives too,” he says. “It’s all about awareness: once people are made aware that the facility is there for them to use, they will check it out. But I do see it as part of a greater movement to democratise innovation, so that everyone can participate. Initiatives like TechShop make that happen.”

All involved parties support the implementation of workshops in the university setting. The academic environment may nurture a creative and research-based culture for the TechShop initiative. While there are established materials for 3D printing experiments and tutorials, TechShop foresees new materials and methods finding their way into the workshop as progress is readily adapted in the industry. With the consistent proliferation of these types of workshops meant to democratize 3D printing, the global experience becomes local as it extends its reach.

Source: Irish Times

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