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Dr. Henry Segerman’s 3D Printed Math-Art

The Juggling Mathematician HimselfHenry Segerman, a Researcher at the University of Melbourne, has created a whole spectrum of art – shapes, structures and models – all inspired by the science that is mathematics. Even though not having the most traditional education background for an aspiring artist (among all his other pursuits) – he has a Masters degree in mathematics from Oxford and a Ph.D. in the same field from Stanford — the outcome is still quite spectacular. Not that surprising, though – after all, listing hyperbolic geometry and mathematical art is not something all of us fill the blanks in our CVs with.

Below is a video of Dr Segerman explaining the design of the piece of math-art in our feature image – the Regular Triangulation of H³. [Note: if your background doesn’t include extensive adventures in the world of geometry or mathematics in general, you might be forced to rely on the internet to further enlighten the background theories and concepts.] But if that sounds like a too resource-consuming approach, just enjoying the beautiful design and listening to the background of this piece of art is not a bad option either.

Practitioners from this hard field of science sometimes tend to bring something called mathematically beautiful models up in conversations – during the typical cubicle lunch ones, that is. And even though their concept of beauty might be ideal at a more abstract conceptual level, I for one find some of that intangible harmony already in these 3D printed concretizations. Have a look at the gallery below, featuring more of this UK-US –native researchers work, and decide for yourself.

[nggallery id=63]

If you want to grab some of Henry’s work to be puzzled over in your own home or just to amaze your coworkers, you can purchase the whole variety – including the ones from the gallery –  from his Shapeways page here.

Source: Segerman, University of Melbourne

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