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DiManEx adopts Logistyx software for additive manufacturing supply chain platform

DiManEx, a 3D printing supply chain software provider based in the Netherlands, has partnered with Logistyx Technologies, a U.S. developer of transportation management solutions for parcel shipping. Through the collaboration, DiManEx has selected Logistyx’s TME solution to manage its multi-carrier parcel deliveries.

“We see smaller, more frequent deliveries happening everywhere, and shipping parcels demands a high level of customer service and transparency at the lowest possible cost,” comments Logistyx President Ken Fleming. 

“DiManEx helps businesses in many of the world’s most-established industries embrace a more efficient on-demand supply chain, and Logistyx ensures each on-demand part arrives where it’s needed on-time and cost effectively.”

DiManEx software. Image via DiManEx.
DiManEx software. Image via DiManEx.

Simplifying 3D printing for supply chain teams

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Amsterdam, DiManEx is dedicated to optimizing its customers’ supply chains through digitization, and identifying potential savings for parts using 3D printing. The company provides an end-to-end platform for part identification, design, production and delivery. In 2017 DiManEx raised $2.7 million in Series A funding to help further expand the platform. 

DiManEx aims to “revolutionise manufacturing supply chains the same way e-commerce has transformed retail.” To carry out this objective, the company’s platform digitizes a customer’s inventory to replace vast warehouses of spare parts, an initiative that has been explored throughout the manufacturing industry. 

As well as creating digital stock, the DiManEx platform also helps companies identify parts in its existing database that can be produced using additive manufacturing, with its Supply Chain Inspector analytics tool. Once the design is approved, the platform automatically matches the part order with a 3D printing service provider in its network that best matches the material specifications and needs. The part is then delivered to the customer on demand. 

“DiManEx is revolutionizing supply chains for manufacturers and maintenance and repair teams across a wide range of industries, much like e-commerce has transformed retail,” explains DiManEx CEO Tibor van Melsem Kocsis. “Our end-to-end platform helps them avoid overstocking parts and costly downtime, producing and shipping smaller quantities as they need them and closer to where they need them through localized production.”

DiManEx’s cloud-based additive manufacturing supply chain platform has been utilized by the likes of Dutch Railways and electric car manufacturer Lightyear. As part of a multi-year contract deal, Dutch Railways partnered with DiManEx to integrate 3D printing into its spare part distribution. Lightyear on the other hand developed a sustainable car prototype with more than sixty 3D printed interior parts using DiManEx’s digital supply chain service. 

Illustration of DiManEx software. Image via DiManEx.
Illustration of DiManEx software. Image via DiManEx.

Delivering 3D printed parts in a timely and cost-effective manner

Now partnering with Logistyx, DiManEx aims to increase the efficiency of its 3D printed part deliveries in both time and cost, using the company’s TME software. 

TME is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Transportation Management Solution for global parcel shipping with over 8,500 carrier service integrations globally in its multi-carrier network, providing predictive analytics and full visibility into customer deliveries. Using the TME software, DiManEx will be able to streamline its combination of multi-carrier services, properly document those services to ensure compliance, track and monitor parcel delivery movements and order statuses, and ensure accurate billing and timely payment for its 3D printed parts. 

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