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Digital Metal triples speed of DM P2500 3D printer with software upgrade

Digital Metal, a Swedish binder jetting metal 3D printer manufacturer, has launched a new software upgrade for its DM P2500 3D printer.

The upgrade provides a significantly larger production volume per time unit, thus tripling the print speed of the DM P2500, according to Digital Metal, which initially measured at 100cm3/h. This new software will be equipped as standard on all new DM P2500 units sold, as well as previously installed systems via upgrade kits.  

“We constantly work to improve the performance of our printers so that our customers can work as cost-effectively as possible”, comments Alexander Sakratidis, Sales & Marketing manager at Digital Metal. 

“This important upgrade makes it possible to reach even greater production volumes without sacrificing component quality. We plan to continue introducing similar significant upgrades twice a year.”

The DM P2500 3D printer. Photo via Digital Metal.
The DM P2500 3D printer. Photo via Digital Metal.

The DM P2500 binder jet metal 3D printer

Digital Metal’s DM P2500 metal 3D printer was initially introduced in 2017. A binder jetting metal additive system, the machine has the capacity to make highly detailed components at resolutions of 35 µm using Digital Metal’s proprietary 3D printing technology. Its intricate 3D printing capabilities have been showcased through a number of geometrically complex miniatures, including a micro chess set printed in stainless steel. The company’s high-precision 3D metal printing was awarded Innovation of the Year at the 2019 3D Printing Industry Awards

The system provides an unscaled build volume of 203 x 180 x 69 mm, and after printing the scaled build platform measures at 170 x 150 x 57 mm. It also leverages a secondary sintering process that follows the binder jetting process, which is necessary to remove the binders from the component. Customers of the DM P2500 arrive mainly from the automotive and aerospace industries, from companies like Koenigsegg, Volvo, and Honeywell

3D printed metal object from Digital Metal. Photo via Digital Metal.
3D printed metal object from Digital Metal. Photo via Digital Metal.

Advancing metal additive manufacturing

Founded in 2012, Digital Metal is part of the Höganäs Group, a global producer of iron and non-ferrous metal powders since 1797. Although it is primarily focused on developing metal 3D printing technology, Digital Metal also offers printing services of metal components. The company states that over 500,000 components have been produced, and more than 30 different geometries are in serial production at its production plant in Sweden.

Recently, the company announced a partnership with Elnik Systems, a U.S. manufacturer of metal injection molding (MIM) equipment, and DSH Technologies, to advance metal additive manufacturing

Digital Metal also launched two superalloys intended for use in extreme applications in late 2019. The new grades, named DM 247 and DM 625, were developed in response to the increasing demand for superalloy materials compatible with 3D printing in the aerospace, automotive and industrial sectors. 

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Featured image shows Digital Metal Printerline. Photo via Digital Metal.