3D Printing

Diamond's Are Endeavour: 3D Printed Drill Bit

BlueFire Equipment Corporation has announced a key milestone in its 3D printing initiative with the development of a digital model of its proprietary polycrystalline diamond cutter drill bit. The complex digital model was prepared to stringent specifications for BlueFire by a Texas-based 3D scanning company. Using SolidWorks the BlueFire research and development team is currently working to finalise the design engineering of the scanned drill bit for 3D printing.

DrillBit BlueFIreWe are excited about continuing our industry leading position by making our innovative drilling products even more outstanding using 3D manufacturing.” Said William Blackwell, BlueFire Equipment Corporations Chairman and CEO.

BlueFire bits employ large cutter face volumes for rapid drilling of shales, clays, sandstones and limestones. The bits are designed using directed ports to accelerate cleaning and optimise cooling. Company findings indicate a decrease of more than 30 percent in temperature on the cutting surfaces, reducing cutter wear and extending the life of the bit.

Bluefire Stocks

BlueFire’s bit design employs strategically aligned nozzles to concentrate high-pressure jet streams directly on the cutting edge, lubricating the interface between the cutters and the rock formation being drilled. By incorporating this leading edge technology, the company expects to achieve considerable cost savings compared with traditional manufacturing methods and expand engineering capabilities to further improve the product line.