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Dassault Systèmes Jumps into 3D Printing Retail with 3DVIA Make App

European software giant Dassault Systèmes is already an industry leader for its suite of CAD programs, which includes Solidworks, but the company is aiming to take over the 3D world on a number of fronts.  Today, the company made an announcement that sees it eying an even larger stake of the 3D printing space with the launch of 3DVIA Make, an app that allows retailers to offer customer-personalized products via 3D printing.

3DVIA Make is a personalized product platform that any retailer can embed into their own online store, to be connected with the store’s own shopping cart. Without the need for large physical inventories and the ability to provide customer-specific products, the platform allows retailers to sell digital designs that are 3D printed by a specific service or a local 3D printing bureau. Unlike a site like Shapeways, Sculpteo, or i.materialise, which sees individual designers sell their digital goods through said specific printing services, 3DVIA Make allows brands to sell designs on their own sites. The app includes a 360-degree viewing mock-up and a connection with 3D printing bureaus opens up a wide variety of materials and colors with which to offer customers.  You can see a pretty detailed video about the app in the video below:

Vincent Picou, CEO, 3DVIA, Dassault Systèmes, says of the new software, “This is the first 3D solution designed for integration into a business’s website to give its customers a virtual design experience. 3DVIA Make is the latest example of 3D technology moving from a professional proposition to a consumer market that makes revenue-producing a reality, and it has the potential to revolutionize certain retail segments in the coming years.”

Allan Behrens, Managing Director of the tech consulting group Taxal, says of 3D printing and on-demand manufacturing, “Merchandise that can be highly personalized is going to be an important revenue stream for online retailers in the years and decades to come. 3D printing technology is creating opportunities for sales and brand interactions that were simply not feasible a few years ago. Businesses that can effectively leverage this new ability to sell user-personalized merchandise, as well as manage the distributed manufacturing that’s necessary to maintain an on-demand supply chain, will be significantly ahead of the curve as this technology continues to mature in the online marketplace.”


To start, the app will be focused on retailers in the jewelry, toy, and accessories industries and is only available to select vendors. Profits from the app will be based on “a revenue sharing model determined by transactions”. The fact that the French software giant has found a new angle in the space is an interesting one. It sounds as though Dassault Systèmes may be incorporating at least one major 3D printing bureau into the platform. As they’re French, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Sculpteo were involved. And citing the ability to print from local bureaus suggests a possible 3D Hubs integration. Then again, your guess is good as mine!

If you’re in New York next month, you’ll be able to see 3DVIA Make at the JA New York jewelry trade show from July 26-28th and learn more. The jewelry industry will see a lot of impact from 3D printing in the near future and the focus of 3DVIA Make on such an industry is no coincidence.