3D Printing

CVMR To Manufacture Industrial 3D Printers & New Feedstock Metals

Toronto, Canada based CVMR Corporation has announced that it intends to establish three new divisions in the United States; one of which will be a metal additive manufacturing equipment division. CVMR employs a total workforce of more than 42,000 across some eighteen countries. The company holds a portfolio of ten patents. CVMR intends that the first phase of the new Metal Additive Manufacturing Equipment Design division will be will be operational by December 2015.

CVMR Corporation is a privately held multinational that engages in a host of mining and manufacturing related activity such as:mining and metal refining; manufacturing of high value metal powders, net shapes and super alloys; as well as various technologically innovative solutions for the mining, refining and metal powder manufacturing industries. CVMR Corporation manufactures pure metal powders, metal nano powders, and metal alloy powders specifically for the additive manufacturing sector.

Dr. Kamran M. Khozan, Chairman and CEO enthused: “This will create a fully integrated operation, from the mineral sources to the end-user products for CVMR. We either own most of the mining concessions that supply the raw material for our operations, or we have long-term off take agreements with prominent mining companies who supply us with various metal ores or concentrates, worldwide. We refine those minerals, using our proprietary processes and technologies, and now our clients can actually use our metal powders using our equipment to manufacture state of the art enduser products.

CVMR has now partnered with prominent equipment manufacturers in 3D printing to design and build state of the art equipment that will use their metal powders as feed stock.  CVMR has researched extensivelyregarding new modes of metal powder based extrusion. The following metals powders and their various alloys are currently being produced by CVMR:Nickel,  Iron,Chromium, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Vanadium, Titanium, Tantalum, Niobium, and more.

Dr.Khozan added: “We are currently negotiating with a number of multinational corporations, in the United States and Europe, that have the technical know-how, to partner with us in developing the next generation of additive manufacturing equipment such that they can be used in as many industries as possible, almost off the shelf.”

The metals and alloys produced by CVMR are formed from low cost feed sources, such as the company’s own mineral concessions, low-grade ore sand scrap metals. Alongside the production of their extensive range of metal powders, CVMR also produces super alloys, coatings and net shapes for high tech industries.