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Is the CubeJet Full-Color 3D Printer On its Way?

Within all of the hubbub surrounding CES 2015, 3D Systems has been quietly posting videos onto their CES announcements page, marketing some of their new products with sleek advertisements.  While writing up yesterday’s top 10 3D printing updates, I came across this promo for the CubeJet:

The CubeJet was announced at last year’s CES, promising to deliver full-color 3D printing to consumers at the (comparatively) affordable price of about $5k.  The CubeJet utilizes the ColorJet Printing process developed by Zcorp and now made famous through 3D printed selfies, memes, and other colorful sculptures.  Anyone with $5k could theoretically set up their own mini Shapeways (minus all of the service bureau’s countless other materials) with the purchase of a CubeJet.

Anyway, 3D Systems published this promo, just in time for CES.  But still no news yet!  What does it all mean??!