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CubeForme: 3D Printing Designers Get an Online Gallery Space

Coming straight from the bright minds of two undergraduate students from Orange County, California is a new 3D printing subscription service built to educate and excite potential Makers about the possibilities of 3D design technology. Started by University of Southern California undergraduate students Kyle Pham and Nick Nguyen, CubeForme is offering those without access to 3D printing a hands-on experience with the process through a designer-based approach. CubeForme differs from other 3D service bureaus due to their unique method of designer curation, only featuring the 3D printable projects from a select few, hand-picked designers, offering subscribers a constantly refreshing cycle of new designs to learn from and play with.

3dprinting_cube3Pham and Nguyen built CubeForme for both novice and expert Makers, helping fund those who design 3D modeled projects and excite those who are looking to learn more about the world of 3D printing. The site will feature a constant flux of new designers that will change by the month, giving 3D print enthusiasts new assortments from the designers of their choice. The process works as follows: the potential subscriber will first check the ‘story and style’ of the various curated designers, then will pay $9.99 for the one month subscription to their favorite designer. Lastly, the subscriber will receive an assortment of 3D printed objects from their designer of choice.

CubeForme will undertake the manufacturing process for these designers as well, using SeeMeCNC’s speedy Rostock MAX V2 FFF 3D printer. They hope to raise $5,000 through their recently launched Kickstarter, but have already started taking pre-orders for their first curated designer Jim Rodda, and will ship his subscription box on October 31st, 2015. CubeForme has also lined up designers for November and December, as well, featuring Steve Dakh and then Luis Picarzo, respectively. Through the funds they hope to receive from their Kickstarter, CubeForme plans on purchasing more Rostock MAX V2s so that they can bulk up production of their designer featured boxes.

CubeForme’s first featured designer Jim Rodda

Giving enthusiasts access to unique 3D printed designs and designers access to an exclusive marketplace, CubeForme is attempting to make an art gallery of sorts for 3D design. By using the crowdfunding from Kickstarter and the model of 3D design communities, Pham and Nguyen hope to attract subscribers with a single designer-focused system, believing that 3D designers deserve the same acclaim as artists and architects.  In turn, they will provide their curated designers with publicity, a network, and 10% commission from the subscription. If these selected designers are able to draw in enthusiastic subscribers, CubeForme might just lead to the next big step in the 3D design marketplace.